Waiting for Eternity (Or So It Seems Like It)

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So, here it is, the middle of the week, almost 8:30 in the morning. I have been awake since just after 5 am for no reason. I don't have to wake up hubby till after 6 am, I am (unemployed) on vacation for the summer & the kiddo stayed over a friend's house yesterday. After hubby leaves for work (he's a mailman-yes, postal), I usually plop down on the couch & doze off for an hour or so. But not today.

We're donating my poor, old, non-running, purple neon to Volunteers of America. I finally found the title (after not really looking for it for a few months...lol). So, when I called yesterday, they said they could pick it up today (HOORAY!). The operator told me the name of the towing company & I was happy to finally get back my garage space. As I was wondering what time they would be here to drag the poor thing away, she must have read my mind because she told me the time they would arrive. Some time between 8 am & 5 pm! I didn't argue, mind you, but I do have other things to do outside of the house.

So, here I am, drinking my 2nd cup of coffee & praying that they will be here by noon at the latest.

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