Like Seinfeld-A Post About Nothing

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So, I was going to blog last night. Actually, it was around 2 am & I was wide awake. I started a post but realized one of my plug-ins was not working. I re-downloaded it twice & still couldn't get the damn thing working, so I gave up figuring it was a sign to GO.TO.SLEEP. Just checking it right now & it looks like it should be ok, but my blog subscriptions were jacked up. I had to go in & re-subscribe to about 8 of my blogs that I had on my aol fave page.
I don't have a paid subscription to aol anyway, but still use the site for a lot of stuff like e-mail, blogs, faves, etc. It just seems that aol is always jacking something up or running so slow that I get booted. ARGH! It's very frustrating.
Things should go ok now...knock on wood...tap, tap, tap. Ok, so I'm superstitious. Usually when things happen around here, I blame them on a ghost. I've never actually seen a ghost, but things fall or are in different places than where we put them. Sometimes, it's just a feeling or a little "whoosh" of cold air. Sometimes I just talk out loud to "it" & say "Ok, what do you want now?" or "That's enough already". Of course, it's probably just coincidence or my dh & dd playing tricks on me, which they love to do. They're pretty good at picking on me & each other. Boy, when those two go at it, you can tell they are father & daughter. It makes me want to pull my hair out! Hubby will unceasingly pick on, tease, nag, the poor kid till she is ready to strangle him. Of course, I have to hear the whine, "Mom, make him stop!". I just tell them to play nice & stay out of it as much as possible. I like my peace & quiet. It's like I have 2 kids instead of 1 & a hubby. You all know how this goes. I'm sure we've all been through it. Well, those of you who have younger children will have something to look forward to. LOL.
I guess I am really happy that they get along so well (until I am the target). And I'll tell you, I do believe in astrology & the zodiac signs. Poor little me, I'm a Cancer. My dh is a Taurus & dd is a Leo. I live with 2 very strong, dominant, stubborn signs. Gotta love 'em, but I try to stay out of the way...LOL!
Well, so much for my post about books for now. I guess sometimes when the mind rambles on, the thoughts just spill out. Good thing I am at the computer. Otherwise, I would be off somewhere talking to (which will happen anyway) Now, I am off to get some running done. Um, no, not running. I don't run.anywhere. Let's just say I have some errands. Gotta go get gas, pop (soda to you non-michiganders), & visit my Babcia. It looks like it should be a pretty nice day. Low 80's & some clouds. I love this weather! So, enjoy your day & maybe I'll post again later.

Babushka blowin' in the breeze,

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Chrissy said...

I totally believe in ghosts! And I'm a Cancer, too. Happy Belated Birthday!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Hey I'm a Cancer too! And based on what you tell me, I might believe in ghosts too!

Collette said...

@Chrissy & @NGIP
As Cancers, we can have our own Crabby club! I also like all that supernatural stuff. Sometimes it's pretty scary.

Chrissy said...

Hi Collette,
I tried emailing you. Come and pick up an award to pimp out your blog!

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