We Finally Made It!

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Happy Summer! I love it! It was 88 degrees today & will be at least 90 on Wednesday. Oh yeah, it's hot & humid & I sweat like a pig (or worse than one) but after the winter we had, I am not complaining.

This past winter was awful! It snowed every other day. By the time you dug yourself out, it was time to shovel again. At almost 42 (b'day in a few weeks), I have inherited my babcia's arthritis all over my body. When the cold hits these bones, it feels as if they are ripping apart. I don't think I can take many more winters in Michigan. Two more years till my DD graduates from high school (I don't even want to think about that!) & then we'll see what happens from there.

I am hoping to move somewhere warm & dry, if possible. The humidity bugs me too sometimes but I'll take that over blizzards anyday!

And speaking of bugs...no, I don't care much for them. I know the further south you go & the warmer it is, the bugs are a little bigger. Ok, they are gigantic! I would hate to fight a bug over my dinner. First, he would have to be invited. Then, of course, dress for dinner. It doesn't have to be black tie, but at least something to cover the um, well, breeding parts, I guess. Now, I'm sure they're not accustomed to using cutlery, so antenna or tentacles (ok, I spelled that right...whew!) will be acceptable. Using the face or tongue to slurp food off the plate or landing on top of it, will not!

At home, as they are much smaller than me, & if bugs bug me, they will be dealt with like the fly that bugged Obama on tv. Immediate execution! I will not tolerate them bothering me in my home, as that is trespassing & if PETA doesn't like it, too bad!

Now what was I talking about? Ah yes, heat! I know it will be hot & humid tomorrow & throughout the summer, but I will not complain after the winter we just had. (at least not for awhile...LOL)

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Anonymous said...

After ice storms that took out our trees AND electricity, Joe forced me to come to Florida where we have been told HORROR stories about the humidity and bugs. Compared to where we lived, (in the OHIO VALLEY, named that because of the river which causes 90% humidity) we are the only DRY people in Florida! This 60% humidity is what they complain about? HA!
Then there's the horror stories of the COLD winters....the ONLY truth I've heard is about the bugs. I have to wear bigger shoes so that when I stomp them, half of them isn't sticking out from under my size 9s.

Collette said...

I've been to FL twice. The 1st time it was very humid & the place we stayed (a friend's winter home) had baby scorpions! UGH! That was near Tarpon Springs. A couple of years ago, we stayed at my uncle's place in Venice & LOVED it! Yes, big bugs, snakes, & huge birds that walked right up on us, but I would live there now...LOL!

AD said...

I live in central Florida, near Orlando. Sort of. Like 20 miles. . . A little closer to Daytona Beach, actually. Lol. It doesn't matter. . .

Anyway, I love it here. The humidity I've been used to all my life, so it doesn't bug me. The bugs, they're not as bad as some people say they are. Just keep your house clean, you'll be golden. Lol.

I hardly see any snakes too.

It tickles my funny bone how people from up north think we're like a jungle. :]

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