Like Seinfeld-A Post About Nothing

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So, I was going to blog last night. Actually, it was around 2 am & I was wide awake. I started a post but realized one of my plug-ins was not working. I re-downloaded it twice & still couldn't get the damn thing working, so I gave up figuring it was a sign to GO.TO.SLEEP. Just checking it right now & it looks like it should be ok, but my blog subscriptions were jacked up. I had to go in & re-subscribe to about 8 of my blogs that I had on my aol fave page.
I don't have a paid subscription to aol anyway, but still use the site for a lot of stuff like e-mail, blogs, faves, etc. It just seems that aol is always jacking something up or running so slow that I get booted. ARGH! It's very frustrating.
Things should go ok now...knock on wood...tap, tap, tap. Ok, so I'm superstitious. Usually when things happen around here, I blame them on a ghost. I've never actually seen a ghost, but things fall or are in different places than where we put them. Sometimes, it's just a feeling or a little "whoosh" of cold air. Sometimes I just talk out loud to "it" & say "Ok, what do you want now?" or "That's enough already". Of course, it's probably just coincidence or my dh & dd playing tricks on me, which they love to do. They're pretty good at picking on me & each other. Boy, when those two go at it, you can tell they are father & daughter. It makes me want to pull my hair out! Hubby will unceasingly pick on, tease, nag, the poor kid till she is ready to strangle him. Of course, I have to hear the whine, "Mom, make him stop!". I just tell them to play nice & stay out of it as much as possible. I like my peace & quiet. It's like I have 2 kids instead of 1 & a hubby. You all know how this goes. I'm sure we've all been through it. Well, those of you who have younger children will have something to look forward to. LOL.
I guess I am really happy that they get along so well (until I am the target). And I'll tell you, I do believe in astrology & the zodiac signs. Poor little me, I'm a Cancer. My dh is a Taurus & dd is a Leo. I live with 2 very strong, dominant, stubborn signs. Gotta love 'em, but I try to stay out of the way...LOL!
Well, so much for my post about books for now. I guess sometimes when the mind rambles on, the thoughts just spill out. Good thing I am at the computer. Otherwise, I would be off somewhere talking to (which will happen anyway) Now, I am off to get some running done. Um, no, not running. I don't run.anywhere. Let's just say I have some errands. Gotta go get gas, pop (soda to you non-michiganders), & visit my Babcia. It looks like it should be a pretty nice day. Low 80's & some clouds. I love this weather! So, enjoy your day & maybe I'll post again later.

Babushka blowin' in the breeze,

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Reading is FUN-da-Mental!

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Reading is FUN-damental! Do you remember those commercials from the 70's? Or SRA (Science Research Associates)? Those little cube-shaped boxes in the corner of the classroom, maybe purple or aqua, with lessons separated by dividers. (that I obviously didn't learn much from since that last sentence was not a complete sentence...LOL)

I think my love of reading started shortly before I started school. My mom read to my sister & I from the time we were very young. My dad always had a book lying around that he was reading. So, I guess it's just natural that I read whenever I possibly can.

I like to read pretty much from every medium. I'll read books, newspapers, magazines, online books, & my most recent obsession, blogs!

For the last few months, I have been immersing myself in the blogosphere. I'm not even sure where it started. was one of the first blogs I started reading. Then I started clicking on links, from one blog to the next, & before I knew it, I was hooked! I began subscribing. And I added more...and more! I forget to read my emails sometimes because I just have to find out what's going on with all my blogging buddies. Most I have never commented on. I can't read them all everyday, but I sure try. I am going to try to post a few more comments even if it's just a "Hey!" or "Great post!". I don't want to be a "lurker"...eww! LOL! One of my reasons for starting my blog was that I was inspired by all of you out there. It's incredible the friendships you can make here. I used to be in an online group & made some lifelong friendships there that are better than most of the ones I have "in person". Another reason for blogging is to write things going on in the world around me. I have a handwritten journal that I write in sometimes. I keep it in my car & write while I'm waiting for my daughter to get out of school. I do A LOT of bitching there. *snicker snicker* That's what I want to do with my blog eventually, as I feel more comfortable about sharing more of myself. I guess I'm just afraid I may say too much personally about family & that it will come back to bite me in the ass ( I ). But, as far as I know, only my one sister has decided to follow me, but may have forgotten about my blog. Oh, who cares?!?! Like anyone else will know who I am talking about! HMMPH! I'm going to "Just Do It"! I'll start out slow though so I don't scare the hell out of everyone & chase you away. *grin*

Do you ever start a blog with a certain thought in mind & the blog just takes off in a completely different direction? Well, that's what just happened here. I think that's great though because now I have a topic for my next post! And if I get off my previously mentioned ass ( I ), (yes, it had to be mentioned twice because of the size...sorry...LOL) I will maybe post sooner than a week, like I want if I wasn't so damn lazy sometimes. Or busy reading blogs.

So anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little blog today. *blink * Until next time, my lovelies...

I am always...

Waving my Babushka,


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A Tale of Two (three) BBQ's

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Today is the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. We sure have come a long way since then, but still have barely scratched the surface.
I am not going to write about space exploration or alien abduction (not today anyway). I'm just going to tell you about my weekend, I suppose. (OK, stop that yawning back there. Yes, you. I don't think it's THAT boring!) Back to our regularly scheduled programming...
Well, Friday was my 42nd birthday. No point in lying. The voices conscience will get it out anyway. No big deal really. We already went out to dinner to celebrate mine & my dad's birthdays last weekend, so we really had no plans. Until...(cue suspense music) my youngest sister called. The call wasn't only to wish me "haapy birthday". She asked me what we were doing & as I told her we had no plans, she proceeded to the other reason for the call. Apparently, my middle sister was moving out of her fiance's place & could we help move some of the bigger stuff. In shock, but jumping for joy & doing the happy dance, I said "YES!" & got some of the explanation "why".
***Reader's Digest Condensed Version***
My middle sister met her now ex-fiance about 2 years ago after an almost 20 years relationship. She had been married about 5 years when she got divorced. Not too long after, she started dating this guy seriously & moved in with him almost right away. Needless to say, we thought it was a rebound thing & didn't like his arrogant, know-it-all attitude. But, "he" was different, she said. "He" treated her like a queen. They talked about everything. But, my sister lost her job & hasn't been able to do much because of a damaged rotator cuff (that she is having surgery on July 30th). "He" has been getting close to his dad, that he never really had contact with till recently & apparently, according to his dad, women pretty much should be seen, not heard & barefoot & pregnant! SO, things have been escalating. "He" told her to shutup, one day & she finally stood up for herself & told him to never speak to her like that again. Friday, he was in a mood & kicked out his brother & his kids & told my sis that she should just leave, too, And she did! Of course, this "house" is his mother's. She is not very happy & cried that he took everyone away from her. I felt bad for her but hope that she kicks his ass to the curb!
He was not there while we packed up & moved my sister out, so that saved a lot of our voices cuz I, totally, would have ripped him a new you-know-what. We tried telling her but now is not the time for I-told-you-so's. We took everything to my youngest sis' house where sis #2 lived before she moved out. Then my bro-in-law bbq'd some hot dogs & we chilled. Happy birthday to me.
Saturday wasn't too busy. I dropped my dd off at the drivng school for her last day of driving lessons (ARGH!), took my babcia to the beauty shop (92 & she goes every other week-grin), picked dd up from driving school & waited for the Polish owner of the beauty shop to call me & say "She is ready, sweetie", so I can pick her up. We went to the bakery for fresh bread, cakes & halka, which is an egg bread with raisins, & then to Kowalski market for some lunch meat. When we got to my babcia's house, I sat & chatted with her for a little bit, like I do everyday & took her out in the yard to check out her tomatoes, cucumbers & flowers. She was all set so I headed home. Later in the day, we went to my sis' house for another bbq & this time my bro-in-law smoked some ribs & then cooked them. They were awesome (as usual). We didn't stay too late because we had church in the morning. After church, we always go to breakfast with my hubby's mom & brother. At 4 pm Sunday, we were at my cousin's new home, for a housewarming bbq (, with his fiance, her parents from out of state & more friends & family. This time the bbq was steak for fajitas. Also, for a select few of us, the elite, the shunned, THE SMOKERS...there was a table set to the side with an ashtray. Besides myself & my sisters, there were maybe about 6 more people that smoked out of 40. No throwing things, no bitching, no lecturing. I know it's bad for me & others. I want to quit eventually & I will when I am ready. And the more people tell me to quit & nag me, it makes it worse. Subject closed. End of rant.
Everyone started leaving around 7:30 pm, so we all packed up & headed out, too. It rained for about 3 minutes while we were there but it ended so quickly that it didn't even matter.
That was my weekend. Lots of bbq, food, fun...etc. I am exhausted. And, we have stuff going on every weekend for the next few weeks. Hopefully, we will be taking a vacation this year away from home. Then, it will be time to go back to work & school. Nooooooooooooooo! I am not ready. Don't make me do it! Summer can't go by that quickly! I guess I better enjoy it!
P.S. Do you like my new profile pic? That's my light-up tiara! I wore it Friday for my birthday! Ain't I just the cutest thing? (Do NOT say a word! Just nod your head in agreement! LMAO)

In Search of Birthday Babushkas,

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Happy Birthday-TO ME!

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Friends, Bloggers, Countrymen, Lend me your speakers! Welcome to the 1st Annual Online Birthday party for...drum roll please...ME! For those of you who don't really know me, I am Collette A.K.A. Rayvenne (or Moonrayvenne on yahoo.) July 17, 1967 is my birth day. So, today I am 42 years young. No gifts are necessary. Your presence & maybe a hug are the best gifts I can get! (unless, of course, you have lots of cash burning a hole in your pocket & just have to get rid of

I guess I'll give you a little history & info on me. Born 7-17-67 in Detroit, MI. Three days later, the riots started just around the corner from the hospital I was born in. (even from the beginning, I was trouble...LOL!) I have lived in Hamtramck, MI for most of my life. Hamtramck is a small city 0f 2.2 sq. miles, surrounded on three sides by Detroit & was once in the Guinness World book of records for most bars per square mile. Every year, on Labor Day weekend, we have a festival where we block off the main street for anout a 1/4 mile & there are games, rides & food galore of many cultures. Bands play throughout the weekend on 2 stages. It's a great way to spend some time & a little money people watching, eating & dancing.

I am Polish, blonde, & female & that gives me an excuse for pretty much everything...LOL! I am married almost 17 years (Sept. 23, 1992). We haveone beautiful daughter who will be 16 y/o on August 13th of this year. She was born on Friday the 13th & loves horrorflicks almost as much as I do. I am a lunch lady (cafeteria aide) at our public high school & can't wait to hit the lottery so I can get out of there!

Well, I know that's a lot of personal info for these interwebz, but I wanted to share a bit of myself with you on my bithday so you will understand why I am totally bonkers at times & no one will come take me away in white coats!

So, stay awhile, enjoy yourselves, sign the guest book (comments) & pig out on cake & ice cream! We're still under construction here, so dust off a chair & have fun!

Let me know when you have your birthday & I'll bring the trick candles! LOL!

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Stay Off the Sidewalks

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It's been way too long since I posted, so I figured I had better get back to business.

What has been happening in my neck of the woods? Since last time, I did finally get rid of the poor purple neon. The tow truck showed up at about 1:30 pm. So, I didn't have to wait from 8-5 only 8-1:30pm. Only wasted 3/4 of my day. Anyway, that is over & done with. The used car we bought to replace the neon is leaking oil something bad. And, it's only going to cost us $600 to fix it! (like we have that kind of money to pull out of our...Umm...butts, for a little nicer version of what I was going to say) It sucks & I am putting a quart of oil in every few days. When I went to the gas station last week, they put in 2 quarts & it just leaked out all over the street in front of my house. Needless to say, at least one neighbor is not happy. He suggested we put a box or something under the car. ARGH!

Fast forward to today. The city has finally been fixing our streets. Unfotunately, since we can't park on the street, the side streets & any open spaces are filled. In our little 2.2 square mile city, most houses do not have driveways as the houses are barely far enough apart to squeeze a car in between. Our house was built in the 1930's! We do have a two car garage, but usually we don't bother with it. My hubby's blazer & my '96 Grand Marquis barely fit. I did have a lovely time trying to back my car into it a little bit ago. But, I succeded without dinging the blazer or ripping my mirror off! I will once again attempt to put my car back in the garage after I pick up my DD from driver's ed. She started the classroom part last week & starts driving later today! Please wish us luck as she has never driven before in her life! (oh boy!)

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Waiting for Eternity (Or So It Seems Like It)

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So, here it is, the middle of the week, almost 8:30 in the morning. I have been awake since just after 5 am for no reason. I don't have to wake up hubby till after 6 am, I am (unemployed) on vacation for the summer & the kiddo stayed over a friend's house yesterday. After hubby leaves for work (he's a mailman-yes, postal), I usually plop down on the couch & doze off for an hour or so. But not today.

We're donating my poor, old, non-running, purple neon to Volunteers of America. I finally found the title (after not really looking for it for a few So, when I called yesterday, they said they could pick it up today (HOORAY!). The operator told me the name of the towing company & I was happy to finally get back my garage space. As I was wondering what time they would be here to drag the poor thing away, she must have read my mind because she told me the time they would arrive. Some time between 8 am & 5 pm! I didn't argue, mind you, but I do have other things to do outside of the house.

So, here I am, drinking my 2nd cup of coffee & praying that they will be here by noon at the latest.

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