To Make a Short Story Long...

PSST! Yes, you. Is it safe to come out? Hmmm...(looking around to make sure I don't get mobbed) It looks ok. Nobody but us here. WHEW! I really thought everyone would come jumping out & screaming "What took you so long?", "Why haven't you written anything?". Oh, I'm sure I'll hear it! Yes,I know. It's the last day of February & the last hour in eastern time. I really did plan on posting sooner. (likely story, I know!) But what matters is that I am here & ready to bore amaze you with my lengthy never-ending sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat, fantabulous writing! So, without further ado...

February is done! THE END

Oh I just kill myself sometimes! LMAO!!!
And no, the men in the white coats did not come to take me away & I don't expect them to (unless one of you lets the cat out of the bag that I escaped)
But seriously folks, (ok, c'mon now, I have to get serious here. Deep breath! ) I think I'm ok now. OM...OM...OM...AH! Done cracking up for now. I think I am in silly mode. It's either due to not enough sleep or the fact that it's back to hell work in the morning. That place is enough to drive anyone nuts! In fact, I believe it's a prerequesite to be at least a little crazy. If you don't go in that way, you will leave that way!

So, I'm happy to announce that the curse, jinx, bad luck, evil eye, etc., that had been following me around is gone (knock wood) at least for now. I am ready to take in all the good luck I can get! Money can start rolling in any time! MONEY? HEL-LO? Hmm...I'm waiting! AHEM! So, anyway, things haven't gotten worse & maybe sort of evened out. Life is pretty much back to- normal.

I don't know what it is about that word-normal. I just don't think it has ever fit me at all. I have never cared much for the word. In fact, I shudder at the very thought that I could ever be...ACK!...normal. And judging by this post, I don't think I am in any danger of that! LOL!

So, life goes on & I am really looking forward to spring. The temps here are supposed to be near 40 pretty much all week so it should melt some of this snow. Although I can't really complain too much about this winter. The most snow we have had was this month. It's been about 6 inches here, 4 inches there. And quite a few nights with an inch or so to wake up to. I do not envy those of you who have had all that snow or those of you who don't usually get snow & did.

Something is up with Mother Nature this year for sure. I hope she gets on some medication soon! I don't think our world can take too much more of her antics.

I pray for all those who have been affected by the devastation around the world.

God Bless every one of you & your families! We can all use some blessings now & then.

So till next time, I remain...

Your friend & certified nut job

Babushka Waving in the Wind

Collette (((HUGS)))

January is Gone & I Hope the Curse Went With It!

I can't believe it's already February! I guess with so many things going on, I just about skipped January. (I wish I could have skipped it!) Things have finally calmed down a bit, but I never expect it to last because the moment I let my guard down...WHAM!!! Hit with another mack truck. So, I suppose I should finish my "cursed" story or at least the "humbug holiday" part with this post. So we continue with Part 3, "The Curse Continues" or I Have Had Enough".

If you remember, in the last post, the curse took my car. In the first chapter, it was my computer. This is the culmination of the rest.

During the holiday season, it always seems that more people than usual pass away due to depression of the season, health problems due to the cold or various other circumstances. This holiday season, a period of about 2-3 weeks, 4 people I knew passed away. Three were guys I have known for some years, 2 my age & the other maybe 10 years older. I am 42. Two were from heart attacks & one died from falling on the ice & hitting his head. The fourth was my hubby's aunt, his father's (deceased for as long as I have known hubby) sister. She died from cancer. It was just found about a month or so before. She didn't really have many symptoms. She wasn't feeling well. Thought she had a bad cold & was constipated for longer than she should have waited. By the time she went to the doctor, she had stage 3 cancer of pretty much all digestive system. They wanted to do surgery but the organs were too far gone. She was finally put it hospice & passed a couple of days later. The Lord took her fairly quickly so I believe she didn't suffer too much. My daughter took it pretty badly because she stayed at her home many weekends as grandma lives there as well. Too many passings in such a short time...sigh.

This part can be considered curse/stupidity or blessing/luck. Maybe a little of both. A couple of weeks ago, my middle sister, who is 40, somehow ended up totalling her car, getting out of it with no damage to herself or others. She was drunk, doesn't know why she was in that area & says she woke to the car crashing. Apparently, another car was involved but the guy, who must've been drinking also, left before the police came. She was taken to jail & no one knew where she was until later that day. It happened at 6:30 in the morning. A friend of hers got her out in the early evening after we found out where she was & how much it would be. I thank God she wasn't killed or killed someone else. There is a whole story with this but I only mention this as part of the "fun" I have been going through since the end of '09. We also have a great aunt who my mother lives with that fell down while at the doctor's for a stress test. She tripped over some mops that were in the hall & broke the bone under her left eye in 4 places. So, she was in the hospital for a few days.

I think that's about it for the major stuff (for now anyway). So, if anyone wonders why I seem a bit pessimistic, I hope this gave you a little idea. lol.

Things have calmed down some & I have been busy as ever. I still have no sound on my computer. It looks like I need a new sound card. I will pick one up tomorrow (later) & hopefully that will take care of that problem. I love my 2005 Cobalt. So, does my daughter. Now she can take this car for her driving test to get her license. Soon another teenager on the road. (I will be praying the rosary This car is very good on gas, too. So that helps a little with the financial situation that we're all in these days. Hubby & I are working. (even if we'd rather hit the big lottery) The weather here in Michigan hasn't been too bad this winter, yet. But, of course, they are calling for a good amount of snow Tuesday into Wednesday this week. But at least it's not like "Snowmageddon" that the east coast just had. Or it's not "supposed" to be...I shouldn't even think that! Put the thought right out of my mind before I jinx it!

I guess I have held you captive long enough. (those of you who have stayed this long) I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed week full of love & good things! Till we meet again...

Babushka Blowin' In the Wind,