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Not too much going on around here lately. I've just been working, reading a lot, (mostly blogs, of course) & enjoying the few nice days we have had with 60 degree temps, when it's not raining.

Today was gorgeous outside. It was pretty cloudy & gloomy in the morning, but by 3 pm it was mostly sunny & in the low 60's. I really needed that sunshine. I am not looking forward to the dismal gloom of winter.

The leaves are almost completely changed & falling off the trees at a rapid pace. I remember the spring, when the sun was starting to get a touch warmer day by day & the buds were beginning to sprout on the tree limbs. It was a time of promise of new life to come & warmer days to chase away the gnawing cold of winter. (Yes, gnawing-Winter BITES!)

So now with these last teasing days of soothing sunshine, I find myself dreading the long, cold winter. Hanging on to the warming rays that stream through my windows, I close my eyes, taking in the life-giving energy that seems to be for me alone. To remember this, in the depths of the frozen season swiftly on its way, will give me the strength, I hope, to endure another seemingly endless winter season.

With my babushka, as always,


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Snow is a 4 Letter Word

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Well Hello Everyone! Sit right down & you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...screeeeeccchhhhh! Oops! Wrong tape! LOL! And, I KNOW you would NOT love to hear me sing, but, uh, maybe some other time. Have to save my voice to yell at say good morning to the lovely children in the morning at school. (damn, monsters, that's what they are...grrr!) Now, now, ahem.
As you can see by the time that has passed, I have been avoiding very busy. School is in full swing & I'm back to my usual schedule of work, stopping to visit Babcua & picking up my daughter from school. After that, I either go back to Babcia's to do some things for her, make dinner, do laundry, etc. In the evening, the shows are back on their fall schedule with new episodes & some I just can not miss. Survivor is back on. Not sure who I like yet, but I can't stand that oil business guy, Russell! I know you do what you have to in the game, but he is a very mean & nasty little man. I watch "So You Think You Can Dance". The city tryout are finally finished. Now on to Las Vegas where they pick the top 20 for the show. I just love watching the choreographed dances. Last year, there wer a couple of dances that were just so powerful in their stories. One was about addiction & one about breast cancer that just made you feel as if you were going through it! Truly amazing! "Lie to Me" & "Fringe" are another 2 shows that I really like. They premiered last season & the stories are not like any other that have been on before. I hope they stay on for awhile. On Friday, I have to see "Dollhouse" with Eliza Dushku. The storyline is a pretty scary one that makes you wonder if this is or could be already happening. If you check any of these out, let me know what you think.*

Sometimes I think I watch a little too much tv. I watch the news a few times a day. I wonder if I should be watching it at all. The news is just so damn depressing around here. Crimes, financial problems, government screwing around with our lives...And now the worst of it, always around this time of year...I really can't even bear the thought or the mention of it...UGH. Ok, don't say you weren't warned & do NOT let the kids hear. SNOW! ARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Yes, I know. I'm so sorry! They brought it up on the news the other day. I know it's unavoidable. But did they have to say it so soon? I can't afford to get a place to stay for the winter. Unless...Quirky? You live where it's warm, dontcha? HUH? Some of you live in much warmer climes. I would just love to meet all of you. Perfect time to visit my southern friends. And if anyone likes the cold & snow, come stay here. I would gladly trade until about the beginning of April.

There are only a few things to learn about living in Michigan, or specifically near Detroit. We call "soda", "pop". To show someone where we live, we put up our right hand, palm facing us & point to a spot somewhere between the knuckles of the thumb. Even though we are just across the bridge from Canada, we still make fun of them, eh? (ok, it's not PC but it's funny) This one is very important. When it snows, if someone shovels out a spot for their car of puts a chair in the spot, do not park there. Legally, they can't do that but no one complains. It's just supposed to be common courtesy (or Not much except to have fun. There are a lot of bars & drink prices are cheap if you hit the little places that look like a dive. At one time, I believe it was during the '80's, Hamtramck was in the Guinness World Book of Records for most bars in an area. Hamtramck is 2.2 square miles. I don't know how many bars were open at the time, but there are still enough that you can walk to & get drunk & not need a ride home. You may need someone to roll you to your door but I can't say I've ever heard of a designated walker.

As usual, my post went off course from my original idea. It will just have to be my next post. Remind me though, because it was a very important one on body odor. NOT! LOL!

So, we'll chat soon. I'll invade your blogs. I may lurk. I may give some of my sought after wisdom. You never know.

And one last thing, when in Michigan, The Polish Muslims are a popular band, not a religious group!


Bundling up in my babushka until someone sends me to the tropics,


* Opinions & statements of tv shows are my own. I have not been paid or asked to do them by anyone.

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