Things Have Been Nuts...

Hey my dear friends!  So sorry I haven't been around lately.  I know I should have let you guys all know that I am ok.
Things have been a bit crazy lately.  My grandma has been & is still sick with stomach problems.  She was in & out of emergency & the hospital without anything being done to help her condition.  She has been talking with her stomach doc about having surgery to put a stent somewhere in her gastric area to open it up in order to keep her from being nauseous.  Being 93, it will be very dangerous to have surgery but she is tired of living with the constant problem.  Almost everytime she eats, she gets sick to her stomach.  Then she doesn't want to eat for fear of feeling sick again or having stomach pains.  She has lost way too much weight & I thank God that she still has the will to live, for now.
So, with all of this, & work, I still have my own family life.  I suppose I let myself get worn down & ended up with a stomach virus for almost a week & am now taking antibiotics for an ear infection that crept up on me with a bad cold/cough & allergies.
We have had a couple of near 80 days where I sat out in the yard to take in some healing sun, which helps a little.  But alas, my summer vacation is still over 5 weeks away.  Today, I pulled a lot of weeds from my yard & will maybe finish next week if the temps come back up again as they are to be in the 50's for the weekend. UGH!  I will never get well if these damn temps don't quit hopping about!
I pray you are all doing well & enjoying life.  I am getting there once again, but it is taking some time.  I love & miss you all!  (((HUGS)))!!!
Waving My Babushka in the Wind,