Merry Christmas from My Home to Yours

Musical Musing for Today:  Silent Night (Cicha Noc)
I picked this today because it was my Babcia's favorite
Christmas song. Polish translation above.

I just wanted to write this short note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  God has blessed me with two wonderful families to spend it with.  I would like to share my love & blessings with you on this day.  (I won't even charge the usual rental rate for my

May you be blessed & loved today and all through the year!

Merry Babushkas,

2012 Yule Log from my tv

The Wonderful World of Genetics

*Melodic Muse of the Day*
"Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw

HELLO!  And welcome back to the asylum.  (heehee)

As usual, I have been a busy bee.  I always said, when I'm not working, I seem to have more to do.  Yes, I have more stuff to do & No, I am not working.  Not in the normal (gasp, can't believe I used that word) sense, that is.  So, have a seat, put your feet up, & lend me your ears (ok, your eyes, but who's keeping track ;)

So, where to start...Hmmm.  We'll start with "Why I'm not working".

I've had arthritis since I was about 30, so when I started getting bad pains from my back down my right hip & thigh, that's what I thought it was until it started getting progressively worse.  The pain began about the end of December 2011 & continued to worsen.  By my last day of work for the school year, I had been in severe pain & limping around for months.  I had an MRI done in May that showed four bulging discs, some narrowing of the spine, at least one pinched nerve, & quite a bit of arthritis.  It also showed some disc degeneration.  I guess that would explain the pain I've been having, right?

Needless to say, I've been to my doctor, a back specialist, a neurosurgeon, & our pain clinic.  The back specialist basically gravitated right toward surgery.  I figured that would be the last resort.  So, I've been going to the pain clinic, have gotten 12 shots in my back since July, & am having radio frequency
thermal coagulation on December 21st.  That just means they are burning the nerves in my back that have been giving me the problems.  I'm sure I'll eventually have to have surgery.  My neurosurgeon, though, decided to send me for an MRI on my neck first because it seems I may have problems there, as well.  He said the neck should be fixed first as the nerves go to the arms & legs, whereas the nerves in the back just go to the legs.  And no, they can't both be done at once because rehab would be impossible.  Wonderful, huh?

So, that's pretty much the story of my year so far.  Except for the fact that I did have to have a biopsy on my left breast because of something not looking quite right.  It was, thank goodness, benign, but it was a bit scary.  Both of my grandmothers had breast cancer, so I definitely have to be watchful.  I have been getting yearly mammograms for quite a few years already.  That is one thing I make sure to have done even if I don't take the best care of myself.  It is a pain, literally, but a very important test to have.  That's my PSA for today!

I have been keeping busy, however.  Unfortunately, I do not have an income now, so I've been trying to find ways to work from home on my computer.  I used to do PartyLite shows, but that's a no-go because of all the lifting & carrying products.  If only they would drop-ship their orders, I would love to get back into that.  I love their candles, accessories & etc.  Of course, they are very heavy into the "home party" aspect part of the business.  They do have "book parties" but the product goes to the hostess' home,  to be delivered by her.  So, if I'm the one having the "party", I get the products to sort & deliver. (sigh)

A lot of work-at-home businesses charge a fee to get started & I refuse to pay to work for someone.  I've been doing a few pay-per-click sites, but the money is very slow to add up.  I am signed up with an internet marketing site, but people don't want to bother trying to recruit others or sell anything.  I don't blame them as I don't care for it myself, but it is free sign-up & tons of training info.  You get access to a "store" & can sell your own stuff there for very little.  I've been with the company almost a year & know if I do put some time & effort into it, it will work.  But right now I just don't have the motivation for it.  I am hoping that I can get a few ads on my blog & make a little that way.

Whatever I do, I want to enjoy doing it.  It's time for me to be happy with what I do in my life.

Peace, Love, and Babushkas,
My cane-that I barely ever use

Gobble Gobble

Hey everybody!  I am in the process of writing a post, but keep getting sidetracked. (So, what's new, right?)    But, I did want to wish everyone a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.
I give thanks for family & friends, life & love, and being sober 11 years today.  I couldn't have done it without you guys!  You never know where you can get strength from & I have found it here many times.
Thanks to all of you, whether this is your first time here or if you've been here many times.  I appreciate you!

Love & Green Bean Casserole,
Waving my Babushka high,

Live Well. Be Well.

Hello My Friends!

I didn't even realize that it's been over two months since I last posted.  Time just goes by way too fast!

I haven't been really busy, just a lot going on, but I'll get to that another day.  I saw something a few minutes ago and had to share it with you.

I don't know how many of you have read the book "The Secret" or have seen the movie.  I, myself, have not done either; although I do intend to read the book one day soon.  Here is an excerpt from the book called "The Optimist's Creed".  It is very empowering, so I had to share it!  Love to all of you!  Collette

To be strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind

To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet

To make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them

To look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true

To think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best

To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future

To wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile to every living creature I meet

To give so much time to improving myself that I have no time to criticize others

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble

To think well of myself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud word, but in great deeds

To live in the faith that the whole world is on my side, so long as I am true to the best that is in me

Christian D. Larson

Danielle LaPorte - A Credo for Making it Happen

The Worst Place I Visit Way Too Often

The Procrasti-Nation

A place everyone visits at one time or another.  Unfortunately, I find myself firmly planted there more often than not.
For example, I actually started this post a couple of weeks ago, but I just couldn't seem to get motivated enough to finish (or really get started).  I found a few quotes on procrastination, saved them and eventually copied them to this page.  And there they sat.  Accusing me of the very thing they spoke of.
"Even if you’re on the right track-you’ll get run over if you just sit there." ~Will Rogers
     Is that a train?
"If and When were planted, and Nothing grew." ~Proverb
     Don't need a green thumb for this one.

"Do or do not do. There is no try." ~ Master Yoda
     Used the Force, I should have.
You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."-Jack London,American writer
     Or is that a light saber?  

I don't know if I just get bored or distracted.  And, if it feels like work, then I will put it off till the last minute.

Or maybe it's just my rebellious side.  When I'm told I HAVE TO do something (or my head sends the same message), I tend to push away and do the opposite.
Well, whatever it is, it was temporarily deterred, just enough to let me finish this post.

Unfurling my Babcia's Babushka,

Happy February, Etc.

Happy Groundhog's, Valentine's, & Presidents' Day!  WHEW!  I think I covered them all for this month. Well, the major ones anyway.  And, a very Happy Birthday to whomever celebrates theirs this month.

Another "Holiday" I will be celebrating is Paczki Day on February 21st.  The easiest pronunciation I can give you is-"punchki", but it sounds like the "pu" in pudding.  Polish has some weird diacritical marks that really change the sounds of letters.
New Palace Bakery in Hamtramck

Paczki Day is the Polish version of Fat Tuesday;  the Tuesday right before Ash Wednesday.  Traditionally it was a day to get rid of all the goodies in the house that you weren't allowed to have during Lent.  Such "goodies" as sugar & lard were mixed with flour & other ingredients to make the dough.  When the pastries were done, they were filled with all different kinds of jelly, cream, or custard.  
Martha Washington Bakery in Hamtramck

Today's typical "jelly donut" is not a "real" paczki.  The "real" paczki are only made just prior to Ash Wednesday & usually have more fattening ingredients added to them.  I believe each one has about 1000 calories in it.  It doesn't really matter though, because Ash Wednesday is a day of fast anyway.

On Paczki Day in Hamtramck, a lot of bars open early (about 7 am) & people party all day long to celebrate before Lent begins.  Bands play all day & radio stations broadcast from some of the bars.  The bakeries have lines that go around the block starting at 6 am or earlier.  The local news stations usually do interviews from a bakery or two.  Our 2.2 square mile city is wild & crazy & EVERYONE IS POLISH for a day!!!

For the first time in my working life, I have Paczki Day off!  I don't drink, but I'm sure I'll be out to get a paczki or two!

I wish you all a Happy February & I wave my Babcia's babushka in salute!  Nasdrowie!  (to your health)

A Toast to 2011

Well, here I am, months later & not sure how I'm really doing.  This year has truly thrown me for a loop. 
This was the first Christmas without my Babcia.  Christmas Eve was her holiday.  It was a very small crowd this year, compared to years past.  Great food & warm memories, but there was a hole that can't be refilled.  She will remain in our hearts always.  (pic above is from 2009 while making our Christmas pierogi. Babcia is the little lady in the front with the white hair :)
I have spent more days at funeral homes this year than any other.  More family & friends have left this world. I am still here.  But I remember, I am not alone. 

I wrote the previous paragraphs from my phone before the new year & have finally decided to finish this post.

New Year's eve was spent with hubby & my dad at a local watering hole with a few regulars that I have pretty much known all my life.  It was nice to just relax & enjoy friendly conversation.  We headed home about 1:00 am & I stayed up playing my favorite game "Mahjongg Dimensions" on the computer for a little while.
School started again yesterday, so I am back to hell work in the cafeteria.  My daughter graduated high school in June & I am STILL there...UGH!  As I always say, it's not the kids that bother me, it's some of the people (and certain situations) I work with.  But, since we have not yet hit the lottery, I am hanging in (holding my tongue, most of the time) until the day comes when I can leave with a celebratory air.
My daughter is starting her 2nd semester of college next week & is working at the on campus bookstore.  She got the job this past summer after helping a dear family friend with a cleaning job there.  She is enjoying it even if she rarely has time for hanging out with friends due to homework & getting much needed rest.  I hope she looks back on these years fondly.
Well, I'm going to end here as my daughter & I watch my nephew on Thursdays so my sis & brother-in-law can go bowling.  My nephew, who has cerebral palsy, is now 16 y/o!  Even though he isn't mobile or can't talk, he still makes his presence known vocally & smiles quite a bit as well.  I know in my heart he does recognize & understand us.  He is a precious gift!
So, till next time...(I make no promises of when it will be ;)
Happy New Year to all of you!
I Remain, Waving My Babcia's Babushka,

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