OOPS!!! (Correction and Turning 50 Shades of Red)

Moment's Melodic Muse:
"Oops! I Did It Again"
Britney Spears

I have made a huge boo-boo.  This would definitely classify as a Polish, Blonde, & Female moment.  Apologies to anyone offended by me calling myself out on this, but I had to use all 3 in this instance.

So, in the last post, I was all excited because I had reached an important milestone in my bloggy life.  Or so I thought. 

The past few posts were written on my smart phone & pictures were added from my laptop. (still trying to figure out how to post pics from my phone)  So, I had counted my posts from 2009 not realizing that there was another page.  Well, imagine my surprise (& shame) when I got on my laptop & looked at the total of posts on my blog page & it says 35.

 WHAT???  Are you kidding me?  No Way!  Let me recheck that (again & again)!

Yes, it was correct.  I actually had 35 posts in 2009.  I wrote them all.  Every last one of 35.

Now, with this post, I have 10 so far.   It's been awhile since I had that many,  right?   So let's just strike that last post from memory.   Pretty please?

Oh yeah,  I'm keeping all the gifts.  (Those are all imaginary just like the previous post).

Hiding My Face In My Babushka,


No Applause, Please, Just Throw Money

Melodic Muse of the Moment:
Kool and the Gang

Well,  I've finally done it.  Yes,  I have. I've gone & done it!

What have I done,  you ask?  Well,  I'll tell you what I've done.  But first I want you to make me a promise.  Ok?  No fanfare.  I don't want you to go to any trouble about this.  There's no need for balloons,  streamers or confetti.  Absolutely no marching band or parade.  No award ceremony.  Not even a teeny weeny surprise party.  I will have none of it!  Do you understand me?  None!

All right.  Now that we have that out of the way I shall tell you my big announcement.  A small drum roll will suffice. ..
     bum bum bum ba da da da dum

With this post,  I have already surpassed my highest number of blog postings ever in a one year period.  Since I began blogging in March of 2009, I've had a smattering of posts.  Last year,  it numbered eight.  This year,  with this post,  the number is nine.  So far. 

I figured a milestone as this shouldn't go by without a small mention.  And a great big thanks to all who have stopped by over the years.  I wouldn't be here without you!

Hey!   Where are the voices?????

Bowing my Babushka to you,

You've Got to Be Kidding. ..

Moment's Musical Muse:
In the Summertime by
Mungo Jerry

Is it really August already?  Where in the hell does the time go?  Wasn't it just the beginning of summer?  

WHEW!!!  Sorry about that.   I'm just full of wonder (hmmm)  and awe (Aw, I feel soooo sorry for you. ..NOT). 
So we're starting that again,  are we? (What?)  You know all too well what I'm talking about. (Me?)  Yes,  you.   Now cut it out.   I'm trying to blog here. (Oh,  I thought you were just babbling on to yourself again)  All right.  That is quite enough out of you! (Yeah,  yeah,  yeah)  I-AM-SERIOUS!  (Ok, ok)  Thank you. (Hey,  anytime.  For you,  not a problem.  All you have to do is ask.  You know I would. ..)  STOP!!!! (k)

Ok, looks like the coast is clear.  Let's try this again.
My tomatoes,cucumbers & marigolds
I can't believe that summer is almost over.  School will start soon & I'll be dreading the cold weather once again.  It's not that summer has been that warm to start with.  I think we had one week that was 90 degree temps.   And we've had more than our share of rain.  
My little garden is growing pretty well but I need more heat for my tiny tomatoes & puny pickles to grow.  I want MY summer!!!  My summer is 80-85 degrees for at the very least 3 months.  And night temps no lower than 65 degrees.  This high of 70 & low of 50 can kiss my butt!!! 
What happened to global warming?  Did it take a vacation from Michigan this year?  There I go with the questions again.  I don't care what happened.  Give me back my summer! !!@!!

Covering myself with my babushka,

Itsy Bitsy Garden

Moment's Melodic Muse:
"Blame It On the Rain"
Milli Vanilli

I finally decided to grow a small garden again this year.   I haven't really grown one since my Babcia passed away, just over 2 years ago.  
I've been thinking about it for a while now.
My Babcia

So finally when my heart is ready,  my body has decided it is not.   Well,  you know what?  That's too bad,  body.   We're doing it!  Suffer in silence (or not).   

I got out the throw rug,  small garden tools & cigarettes & got to work on my little piece of earth.  Pulling the weeds didn't seem to be working too well, so I started digging & cutting into the ground till I got a good-sized piece.  I pulled it out, shook off the dirt & continued until I had a cleared area about 4ft by 2ft.  

Time to plant the tomatoes!   I grabbed the little planter that came with the kit to start the tomatoes in & separated them.   Babcia & I used to go to this great produce place to get tomato & pepper plants that were already on their way to being strong,  sturdy specimens.   She would buy too many tomato plants for herself so she would "have to" give some to me to grow in my limited gardening space.   I always seemed to find just enough room for them.   The cucumbers were always grown right in the garden from seeds.  And they had to be pickling cucumbers.  How else are you supposed to make pickles?   (You're probably wondering if I'm ever going to make it back from Memory Lane?   Or am I lost forever?   Seriously,  when have I ever been completely here? )

So the tomatoes & cukes are planted.   The dill is growing around the yard on its own.   And Babcia is watching over me & my itsy bitsy garden. 

Forever waving my Babcia's babushka,

Pondering. ..

Moment's Melodic Muse
"Don't Stand So Close To Me"
The Police

Is money seriously no object to some people that they would risk damage to their expensive vehicle just to get somewhere faster?  

Case in point:   I am usually parked right here
This is from inside my car. There is a sign to my right that says "Parking this side of sign"

Now, most cars leave a reasonable amount of room when they are turning, as any normal person would. A couple of feet, I think, is a good, safe distance. But no. .. As luck would have it, any time an expensive sports or luxury vehicle goes to turn past me, EEEEK! They leave merely inches! This, of course, leaves me screaming obscenities- to myself.

 What else can I do? Oh I know I can park somewhere else but this is the closest spot to the door my daughter has to walk out when she closes up at work. In the summer, it's no problem for her to walk a little further, but if it's dark or the weather is bad, I'd prefer to be as close as possible.

So, besides cussing out drivers every five minutes, I have tried a couple of tactics. One was sticking my arm out the window so maybe people would stay out far enough to avoid my arm.   This seemed to work even if my arm hurt from keeping it out of the window too long.  
Is that my arm?

The second one I tried because it was raining.   I couldn't have the window rolled down, so if I saw a vehicle coming up close,  I started to open the door.   Ok!  I know, I know!  Not the smartest or safest thing to do,  but it did do the trick.   It's not like I threw the door open as they drove up.   I just slowly began to open it as if I was getting ready to exit my car, but watching traffic so the door didn't get torn off.  

The idiots did tend to stay a bit further away.   I'm sure I scared some & probably pissed some off.  Anyway,  I did save my car from any damage & saved my voice by not yelling too many obscenities in the process. 

Directing Traffic With My Babushka, 

A Discussion-with myself?

Momentary Melodic  Muse:
"Take This Job and Shove It"
By Johnny Paycheck

So it's been almost two months since my last post.   I started to write a couple of times & then got distracted with life & other such blog-disrupting affairs.   (procrastinator)  Hey!  Shit happens!   (Oh really? )  Yes,  I've been sick.  (for over a month)  Well,  no, but for a couple of weeks. (And before that?)  Ummm...I can't seem to remember. (fever burn your brain cells or did they drip out of your nose)  No,  I guess I've just been busy.  (doing what? )  Trying to make some money online. (so how's that working for ya?)  Not very well,  I'm afraid.  If I'm lucky,  it's a couple of cents per site a day & it's only a few sites.  At that,  it takes most of my day.  Clicking,  verifying the click. ..argh!  And doing surveys & tasks just gets mind-numbing.  

For anything they say makes money,  you have to pay money.   I am not paying for some program for someone else to make money off of me!  If somebody else does it & makes money,  I'm happy for them but it's not for me.

I will find something but I have to be comfortable with what I'm doing & be totally ok with it.  There are way too many people out there trying to take advantage of others with some "system" or another.   If these "humanitarians" had a way for everyone to make tons of money in "only a few minutes a day", they wouldn't need you to pay them for their program. 

Unfortunately,  many believe this & go broke trying to strike it rich.  It's really sad that these jerks prey on anyone who will believe their spiel.  There are some very well done sites out there that look so professional.  But when more people buy your "product", you can afford to pay more for  advertising.
So I'll just keep doing what I'm doing & maybe pick up some ideas along the way.
Ummm...Now what was the question?
(never mind,  never mind)

My Babushka ever-waving,

An Executive Decision

Melodic Muse of the Moment:
Mad World by Adam Lambert
Me-Pulling my hair out

Why is it that when I get pissed off, most of the time the only person I bitch to is myself?
 I'm watching tv, our goalie is so far out of the net that they could drive the zamboni behind him, & the other team scores.  I scream at...the tv.
I'm in the car, listening to some great '80's hair bands & some idiot decides NOT to stop at his (or her) stop sign at a four-way stop when I have the right-of-way.  I start flailing my hands & yelling...to myself.  (they can't hear me with the windows closed & by that time,  they've already flown right past me & don't care)
I finish reading a blog post & before I comment, I like to read some of the of the other comments. (Everyone does this, right?)  I see a comment that really pisses me off.  This doesn't happen often. But,  I don't hijack the comments (or the comment writer's blog).  I sit & bitch & complain...to myself.

So, this has brought about an executive decision.
By jove, I think I've got it!
When I was young, I wrote in a diary.  When I got older,  I journaled & still do every so often when I feel like putting a pen to paper, literally.  To me, there is still something magical about the written word on paper. (Note to self:  Blog Post)  Where is my Evernote widget???  
Now, I have a blog.  This is my diary, my journal, my Outlet!!!  I have somewhere to let loose my ramblings & ventings.  (now spell check is starting to piss me off...lol)

My Executive Decision is to bring some of my complaints here.  My posts won't all be about how awful something is & I won't be on here every five minutes because so & so just got on my nerves, but I am giving myself somewhere to leave unleashed feelings of frustration.  Much better than bottling it up & having it explode when I least expect it.
So join me in the exploration as I release my inner rantings & possibly some raves as well.

Unfurling my knotted babushka,

A Positive Message? ??

Musical Muse of the Moment:
"Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I Love Samples!   Whether it's tasting food samples at Costco (the best free Saturday lunch) or getting freebies in the mail (I subscribe to so many freebie sites), free stuff is awesome!

Now my hubby might not agree with me (unless it's the edible type of freebie) because I have a tendency to keep things way longer than needed.    I wouldn't be considered your typical tv show hoarder, but I have a hard time throwing things away that I "might" be able to use one day. 

So I get this freebie the other day that I sent for from one of the many sites I subscribe to.  (after awhile you start to notice that they all have pretty much the same stuff,  but won't dare unsubscribe just in case they have something different :) It's two full size protein bars from Quest.  There were chocolate chip cookie dough & hot cinnamon roll flavors.  They were very tasty & not at all crumbly.   I do have to say I am partial to the chocolate chip cookie dough though.

Now the reason for this post is not to review the product.   The reason is because of the box they came in.  (Yes,  I saved it.  Like I have room for more stuff. ..lol) 

As I'm reading,  I'm finding such a powerful & positive statement.   Then I get to the last three statements & I know... This box was the sample that was meant for me!  Here it is,  cut & flattened.
Intensely waving the babushka that I am obsessed with,  your abnormal friend,  

Sharing---Is It Really A Good Thing?

 Melodic Musing of the Moment:
"Rock & Roll All Night" by Kiss

Missing the blogosphere,  I've spent the better part of the evening reading through blogs.  Some old, some new, some renamed, & some are gone that I once knew.  It makes me rather nostalgic.  I get that way sometimes...

"Memories..."  AHEM!  Sorry, I got a little lost there for a moment.

 Ah, the wonders of the mind.  I sure don't want to get lost in my thoughts.  I never know what I'll find there.  I don't know if I'd make it back alive.  Or would I find it a place I would never want to leave?  Hmm...


Well, I guess I have been spending way too much time away from here.  I have been listening to '70's music quite a lot lately.  And even without burning the incense (I do have some. Real incense. That was NOT a metaphor for something else) I'm really enjoying it, man.  Or should I say I'm diggin' it.

Ok, I was born in 1967, so I do feel a special connection with the hippie thing.  I've never been one to follow the crowd or wear the latest fashions.  But, I haven't burned any of my bras either (as much as I'd like to. I hate them!)

But, being born then, I was a teen in the '80's.  And, I LOVED it!  For a little while, I did the Madonna thing with the lace half gloves & all.  But when I got to high school, all bets were off!  It was heavy metal, big hair, spandex & tight leather pants heaven.  Guys with long hair & tight jeans...MMMMMM.  I so miss that!
Gilby Clarke(fanpix.net)

Jani Lane(from internet)
The bands:  Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, Warrant (R.I.P. Jani Lane) & so many more.   In our senior class of 1985.......Whew,  I almost went all cheerleader on you there for a minute, but I stopped myself.  Ok?  (looking around)  The moment has passed, you're safe for now.  As I was saying, we had mock elections for our yearbook & I was elected Class Rock-n-Roller!!!!!  Screw Valedictorian...I ROCK!!!   (Grade-wise, I did come in 10th of a class of 85 students, so I didn't get killed by my parents)

As for music from the '90's till now...I've liked some stuff & some I can live without.  (like that damn speaker-thumping, window-rattling, nerve-wracking hip-hop that these kids blare nowadays-even as I speak/type at 3:30 am)  ARGH!!!!!  I tell you these kids have no respect!  (Do I sound old? Cranky?  Like the 2 unmarried sisters that lived together a couple of doors down from me & screamed everytime you so much as touched their grass?  No?  Good!)

So, if you check out my Spotify, you might be very shocked at what you find there.  Then again, knowing me, maybe not.

Babushka's Rock!


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I Resolve-NOT

Melodic Muse of the Moment:
"Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees

From the Gospel Music Channel

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope your holidays were memorable & that Santa brought you more than coal in your stocking.

My holidays were fairly quiet & uneventful.  Christmas eve was spent at my sister's, eating our traditional Polish meal.  The first part is always meatless; consisting of fish, pierogi, kapusta (our special sauerkraut with Polish mushrooms & lima beans), warm prunes & apricots, & sledzie (herring).  We also break oplatek (thin wafer) before the meal to wish everyone health & happiness in the coming year.

After a dessert of cheesecake, we open gifts.  Usually, koledy (Polish Christmas carols) are sung & those who go to Midnight Mass leave for church.  Our Midnight Mass is at 10 pm because of the area it's in. Plus, we have a lot of older parishioners.
Our Homemade Kielbasa

While the others are at mass, we cook the meat-full part of the meal.  Ham & kielbasa, both smoked & our homemade fresh, are put in the oven in anticipation of the church-goers return.
As the delicious smell of juicy pork wafts through the house, the church-goers arrive & we are ready to eat.  The meats are served & we dig in.  Eaten by itself or between two pieces of fresh rye or pumpernickel bread, the feast is almost heavenly.  And the horseradish is so fresh that it clears the stuffiest of noses. 

When everyone has had their fill, it's time to start packing up to go home & get some much needed rest.
This year was a little different, however.  No one was coming back after church.  My aunt & uncle & cousins were just going home.  So, we packed up our doggie bags & were headed home earlier than usual.
Smoked Kielbasa & Ham

Christmas day is spent at my hubby's mom's home.  We eat turkey, ham & kielbasa, green bean casserole (my favorite), sweet potatoes, corn & rutabaga.  And I can't forget the cookies...So many cookies...

After we eat, my hubby plays Santa & passes out all the gifts.  The house is packed with people & gifts!  And cookies...So many cookies...

When all the gifts are given out & opened, everyone is exhausted & ready to go home.  But you know we can't leave unless we take...Cookies...oh, so many cookies...

For New Year's Eve, my hubby & I just went to a local bar & rang in the new year with my dad & a few regulars from the bar.  We dropped my dad off at home since he only lives a couple of blocks away from me & were home before 1 am. On New Year's day, we stayed home and enjoyed some much needed relaxation.

I make no resolutions this year for two reasons:
1) I never can keep them
2) I just want to have a great year of Happy, Healthy, & (hopefully) Wealthy with my family & friends.

My wish to you is the same;  May 2013 give you all the Happy, Healthy & Wealthy you need.

And Cookies...Oh...So...Many...Cookies

Happily Waving My Babushka,


P.S.  Sorry for no pictures of cookies, but they were taunting me so I had to eat them ;)

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