It's the Weekend...Finally!

It's Friday! WOOHOO! YIPPEE! YEE HAW! HIP HIP HOORAY! So, I guess I am a little subdued today, don't ya think? Well, it's the weekend & that is enough for me to be happy. I made it through the week at work & only have 7 days left to work till I am off for the summer. And, if I can find something online to do that makes me at least what I make in a day at work, then goodbye cafeteria! Of course, I could probably collect bottles for deposit & make that much, too. I have been there 6 years & have reached my pay cap of $9 an hour. With as much as we deal with from these kids & the school staff, we should be the highest paid employees there. Then we have the people that say with as much money as we make, we should do more. Yes, $9 an hour is really too much. How can we be so selfish? And today, being the last day of school for the seniors, all the kids were wound up. What happens when kids are wound up at lunch? Food fights! It was only the second lunch period that had a food fight out of 3 lunches so I consider that a good day...LOL! There is only one reason I would even consider keeping my job there if I had the money to daughter. She has 2 more years left of school. We don't live that far from the school, but sometimes I feel better knowing if something happens, I am right there! In that school, it's not a surprise when something happens. It's something expected.

I'm just glad it's the weekend. Hope it's an enjoyable one for all of you!

I Love the '80's!!!

Don't be too afraid of the title. It's true, I love the music from the '80's. The hair bands, alternative, the old school rap we had back then; that was a "totally awesome" time for music.

But, what I was really referring to was the temperatures we had here for a couple of days. Wednesday & Thursday were such perfect days weatherwise for me. The skies were blue with a little bit of thin, white clouds creating just the right amount of haze. A nice warm breeze blowing at about 10 mph & the temperature was between 80-85 degrees. Two days of gorgeous weather teasing just enough to leave me daydreaming of more to come in the days ahead. Just the night before, we had a frost warning. I haven't yet planted anything outside, so I wasn't worried about covering up any plants. And now, we're back to average temps of highs in the lower 70's. I really can't complain because I know that summer is right around the corner.

Now, music from the '80's, that was something. The hair bands were my favorite. I graduated from high school in 1985 so I was right in the middle of 80's hype. I had my share of dressing like Madonna, lace fingerless gloves & all! Saw Motley Crue in '82, I think, when they opened up for Ozzy. I dressed like Vince Neil & my sister's friend dressed like Tommy Lee, both in full make-up. We had no car at the time & a friend dropped us off but never came back later to pick us up. What did we do? We took the bus home from downtown Detroit dressed like 2 of the guys from Motley Crue. Seeing as that was almost 25 years ago, the people on the bus were more afraid of us, I believe! I don't remember much , of course. We did a little drinking before we even left for the show. We did sober up a bit by the end because there's some kind of law about no buying alcohol if you're under 21...LOL! And, my fake id looked fake except to the small party store owners just looking to make a few bucks.

I've seen quite a few concerts in my day. Ozzy & the Crue, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper,Robert Plant, Jimmy Page when he played with The Firm, KISS, Boston, Warrant, I almost forgot Billy Squier, & more. I can't remember all of them right now. My very first concert though, was Andy Gibb at the State Fair. (God rest his soul) My last concert was Rockstar Supernova with Gilby Clark & Tommy Lee a few years ago. There are so many concerts I want to see. Some for the first time & others, again, because I still listen to their music. But, unfortunately, tickets cost way too much & if you add parking & beverages, it turns out to be a very expensive night.

So, I still love my hair bands & I hear them on XM radio stations Hair Nation & The Boneyard. Motley Crue is still played on fm radio, so I can still get my metal fix. I also like a lot of newer bands like HIM, Avenged Sevenfold & others. The one band I have never seen yet, but would love to is Metallica. The music is awesome. I just hope I get to go before I get to using a walker! LOL. I am only 41 now (till July) but my Babcia decided to share her arthritis with me. Early inheritance, I guess.

Thanks for letting me share some of my '80's with you! Here's to this being the best summer ever...Na sdrowie! Now, where are those leg warmers???

Babushka blowin' in the Wind,


Can We All Be Free?

Well, I feel guilty that I have not written in a little while. How long has it been? Just over a week but it seems like much longer. I hate starting something & then forgetting or letting it go. It's a very bad habit.
So, I still have the cold, cough, whatever it is. I just have a bad feeling that it's going to turn into pneumonia. It seems more & more people are coming down with pneumonia these days. I never knew it to be so common as the last couple of years. Very scary that these "superbugs" keep mutating & become immune to our medications. Or does the government have something to do with it? Let's save that for another post. I could go on & on about government & big drug companies. But, right now I would rather write about more pleasant things.
I think it actually stems from not-so-pleasant thoughts & feelings. Feelings of stress, depression, worry & probably boredom, too. I guess I'm just tired of everything around here. Work, crime, the schools...I know things are bad all over right now & it's no different here. I watch the news way too much & all you see is bad news. I just want to live free from all that gets me down.
I want to live where I can work from home when I want. I want to wake up & see the sun, sand & surf. I want my daughter to be able to learn all she can in a non-distractive or destructive environment. A place where racial tensions & fights are non-existent. Where teachers really care & kids want to learn. A peaceful, happy place that I don't have to worry about her being. Somewhere she will continue to grow as the loving, caring person we've brought her up to be. A wonderful land where things don't matter as much as people do. Where money isn't the first thing on my mind when I need something. Where people don't have to beg.
I read a blog called "thefutureisred". This family lived in New York & sold everything & have been traveling all over the world with their 5 y/o daughter. Their story so far is amazing. I don't think I could ever be as free as that but just to get out of the rat race & do what you love doing. That's the way to live!
I dream of a day when my family & I can live free of the hustle & bustle of life here. Somewhere tropical, with a warm breeze blowing off the water. I can see the sun & big fluffy clouds that, as you watch, change forms from one thing to another. The warm sand beneath my feet & even the sound of the gulls as they look for food. Going into town, seeing the markets filled with homemade wares like no other. The freshest of food & the smell of it cooking. Feeling full, from food & happiness, as I watch the sunset, knowing that tomorrow will be just as amazing! day. One day we will be as free as the gulls that soar & I pray that everyone would be able to experience their own dreams!
With my billowing babushka,

This Weekend's Adventures

Money does NOT grow on trees!

Happy weekend everyone! Mine started a little early because I didn't have to work today. It was some kind of teacher-in-service thing. Hey, if it gives me a day off, I don't need an explanation.

I'm glad we had the day off. It gives me an extra day to nurse my cold. Actually, it's like a sinus & upper respiratory thing that I usually get a few times during winter. I was lucky enough not to get it this winter so now that the weather is starting to get nicer, I get sick. Sometimes it feels like I have an elephant sitting on my chest.(good thing it's not a pig sitting there, instead. We'd have to make up a whole new virus.) I won't gross you out with the details just suffice to say that I feel like crud!

I do have better, less disgusting things to share. I finally got one thing on my car repaired. I had the trans leak taken care of. Only a gasket & seals, so it was ONLY (like any one of us has money to be throwing around these days!) $250. I'm just glad I didn't need the trans replaced. I paid $2500 for this car a few months ago & will not put more into it than I bought it for. It's a '96 Mercury Grand Marquis we bought from a friend. My babcia says it looks like a gangster car...LOL! It's white with the blue, fake convertible look top. I love the way it rides though. Very smooth. It's a far cry from the car I had before which was a '96 Dodge Neon. I'm finally getting used to driving it as my last car was a little bit smaller. Ok, maybe a few feet bigger! It's got XM radio & we signed on for our own subscription but I a having a hard time with the reception. Everything is so close together here so maybe that is the problem. I'll have to check out the manual when I get a chance. (sigh) Anyway as for the other problem on the car (that we know of), they said the oil pan is rusted through. Doesn't sound that expensive, right? Ah, no! It will cost $500-$600. Well it seems that the oil pan is way down under everything & you have to remove it all to get the the pan to replace it. So, I was thinking, why can't you go from underneath, where it is right there. But, I am not a mechanic & there must be a reason although my hubby has not come up with one yet. The oil leak is not as bad as the trans leak so we may have some time to figure out a way that we won't have to go that route.

Another good thing about this weekend is my Uncle from Minnesota & 2 of my cousins from Massachusetts have come in for the weekend for Mother's day. Their flights were close to each other so they met up at the airport & came down to Babcia's together. This uncle is my Babcia's youngest son & my cousins are 2 of her grandchildren. We hung out a little today but will be at my youngest sis' house tomorrow for her annual Cinco De Mayo party. It's a few days late, but who cares! LOL! Then on Sunday, hubby, daughter & myself will go to church & then have breakfast with his mom. After that, we will head to Babcia's & spend time with her & my uncle & cousins. Of course, we will probably eat there, too. Always have to have food there! Then their flight is later on in the evening so we'll head home when they leave for the airport. We only live a few blocks from Babcia's house, so it takes no time at all to get home.

So, I guess I won't get to rest up as much as I want to this weekend, but spending time with family that we don't see often enough is always a great time with lots of laughs. And they say laughter is the best medicine (unless you have a bad cough & start choking from laughing too hard!!!)

Let me know how your weeknd goes! I hope it's a great one!

Love & Babushkas,


Life Gets in the Way but Don't Brush It Away Too Quickly

Hmm...I guess I'm just going to start typing & see what comes out! The title will be the last thing I put on here. I just decided that it was about time to write another post since it has been over a week! I had no topic in mind, just the thought to post.

When I decided to start writing a blog, my plan was to put something out at least 3 times a week. I have not stuck to that idea very well. Well, plans change & life gets in the way.

It always seems that the less I have to do, the busier I am. I stay pretty busy at work, but when I get home, I am busier. And, of course, on my days off, with no plans, I have more to do than I even imagined!

I suppose being a working mom can do that. Also, I want to make sure things are done right, so I get a little obsessive about stuff, too. My mind is always working on something. It's no wonder when I am on the computer late, I tend to doze off. My face always looks better with some keyboard imprints on it...LOL.

Another reason for my over worked mind is always some crisis, either big or small, it's always something. I could probably give you a list pages long with everything that comes up in my little corner of the world. Car problems: I won't give you a history or even start at the beginning of this year, just suffice to say that right now, I have a bad trans leak & the only guy around here who does the heavy work is stuck in Poland because of the swine flu thing! How is that for news you just love to hear?!?!? Work/School: Not many days left till summer break which is good except for not having any income from me, little as though it may be, it does help with everyday expenses. Hubby's check covers all the bills. Also, as the school year comes to a close, the kids get more rowdy (as if that is possible) & the fights are more frequent. I can only pray that my daughter is nowhere around when the stupidity starts! Then, there's always finances to worry about as everyone does.

That's my condensed version. Just be glad that I didn't make that today's topic. (don't worry, it's not a topic for a future post

One thing I don't mind worrying about is taking care of my Babcia. She takes care of herself but needs a little extra help sometimes with driving her places or picking up groceries or prescriptions. My dad lives with her & that really helps alot. Mostly, I love to go there to talk to her. Whether it be news of the day, something from tv or things from the past, for a 92 year old, she is awesome to talk to.

Now, that summer is almost here, soon we will be planting a small garden in her yard. (I finally started doing one myself a couple of years ago) We usually plant tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers. It makes her happy that she can still get out & help a little. She really does miss all the yardwork she used to do. She always had lots of flowers & was so happy just to grow them & make more from offshoots that she cut. That's the one thing I wish I could give her, the ability to move around the yard & work her garden & flowers on her own. It makes her sad that her pain & body won't allow her to do something she loves so much.

Maybe I'll pick up a few flats of something to brighten up the yard. She only has a couple of flowers in this yard. I guess I am going to have some digging to do! Digging & yardwork are good for peace of mind & for the soul!

With the wing beneath our babushkas, I remain,

Collette (wife,mom, lunch lady& grandaughter)