Merry Christmas from My Home to Yours

Musical Musing for Today:  Silent Night (Cicha Noc)
I picked this today because it was my Babcia's favorite
Christmas song. Polish translation above.

I just wanted to write this short note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  God has blessed me with two wonderful families to spend it with.  I would like to share my love & blessings with you on this day.  (I won't even charge the usual rental rate for my

May you be blessed & loved today and all through the year!

Merry Babushkas,

2012 Yule Log from my tv

The Wonderful World of Genetics

*Melodic Muse of the Day*
"Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw

HELLO!  And welcome back to the asylum.  (heehee)

As usual, I have been a busy bee.  I always said, when I'm not working, I seem to have more to do.  Yes, I have more stuff to do & No, I am not working.  Not in the normal (gasp, can't believe I used that word) sense, that is.  So, have a seat, put your feet up, & lend me your ears (ok, your eyes, but who's keeping track ;)

So, where to start...Hmmm.  We'll start with "Why I'm not working".

I've had arthritis since I was about 30, so when I started getting bad pains from my back down my right hip & thigh, that's what I thought it was until it started getting progressively worse.  The pain began about the end of December 2011 & continued to worsen.  By my last day of work for the school year, I had been in severe pain & limping around for months.  I had an MRI done in May that showed four bulging discs, some narrowing of the spine, at least one pinched nerve, & quite a bit of arthritis.  It also showed some disc degeneration.  I guess that would explain the pain I've been having, right?

Needless to say, I've been to my doctor, a back specialist, a neurosurgeon, & our pain clinic.  The back specialist basically gravitated right toward surgery.  I figured that would be the last resort.  So, I've been going to the pain clinic, have gotten 12 shots in my back since July, & am having radio frequency
thermal coagulation on December 21st.  That just means they are burning the nerves in my back that have been giving me the problems.  I'm sure I'll eventually have to have surgery.  My neurosurgeon, though, decided to send me for an MRI on my neck first because it seems I may have problems there, as well.  He said the neck should be fixed first as the nerves go to the arms & legs, whereas the nerves in the back just go to the legs.  And no, they can't both be done at once because rehab would be impossible.  Wonderful, huh?

So, that's pretty much the story of my year so far.  Except for the fact that I did have to have a biopsy on my left breast because of something not looking quite right.  It was, thank goodness, benign, but it was a bit scary.  Both of my grandmothers had breast cancer, so I definitely have to be watchful.  I have been getting yearly mammograms for quite a few years already.  That is one thing I make sure to have done even if I don't take the best care of myself.  It is a pain, literally, but a very important test to have.  That's my PSA for today!

I have been keeping busy, however.  Unfortunately, I do not have an income now, so I've been trying to find ways to work from home on my computer.  I used to do PartyLite shows, but that's a no-go because of all the lifting & carrying products.  If only they would drop-ship their orders, I would love to get back into that.  I love their candles, accessories & etc.  Of course, they are very heavy into the "home party" aspect part of the business.  They do have "book parties" but the product goes to the hostess' home,  to be delivered by her.  So, if I'm the one having the "party", I get the products to sort & deliver. (sigh)

A lot of work-at-home businesses charge a fee to get started & I refuse to pay to work for someone.  I've been doing a few pay-per-click sites, but the money is very slow to add up.  I am signed up with an internet marketing site, but people don't want to bother trying to recruit others or sell anything.  I don't blame them as I don't care for it myself, but it is free sign-up & tons of training info.  You get access to a "store" & can sell your own stuff there for very little.  I've been with the company almost a year & know if I do put some time & effort into it, it will work.  But right now I just don't have the motivation for it.  I am hoping that I can get a few ads on my blog & make a little that way.

Whatever I do, I want to enjoy doing it.  It's time for me to be happy with what I do in my life.

Peace, Love, and Babushkas,
My cane-that I barely ever use