* Filth & Foul*-Pardon My French

I had no intentions of posting this very moment until I got home from my grandma's house.  I figured it would let me vent off some of this steam.
                                  I am sick & tired of this FUCKING SNOW!

(now you understand the title?)
Till Christmas, we barely had any snow.  We had one bad snow/icestorm & then we'd been getting about an inch every other day or so.  This was doable.  Now that it's after the holidays, we keep getting INCHES (meaning at least 4-5) every week, but usually more often.  And it's the wet, heavy kind that truckers can get stuck in.  I have a little, blue Chevy Cobalt FWD (which I am grateful for), but small wheels tend to get stuck in big snow.  I just happen to get stuck almost everytime I go to my grandma's which is every day.  Most days, I go there & she needs something from the store, so I have to go back.  If I didn't get stuck the 1st time, it is almost inevitable that I will get stuck the next time.

Take today, for instance, it snowed overnight, again, but only a couple of inches & it's been melting.  I stop over to visit & babcia needs me to go to the bakery.  Great!  Not only do I have to try & find parking, but I also have to make sure I can get in & out without getting stuck.  Of course, the spot in front of the bakery that I was going to take was filled by the time I got around the block.  (parking is very hard to find here even when there is no snow)  So, I spied another spot & wouldn't you know, also filled by the time I got to it. But, this time, there was just enough room for me to park behind it if I backed up a little on the snow bank when I backed in.  Ok, good enough.  Now to the bakery which is around the corner & down the street a little.  No one in the bakery, so I get my goods & head out.  Back at babcia's, I pull up into her mostly snow-filled driveway with the car blocking the sidewalk.  I usually don't get stuck when I park this way.  I take in the bakery goods & chit-chat a little.

I'm supposed to take her to the beauty shop tomorrow because we have a baby shower on Saturday.  But, don't you know it, there's another snowstorm on the way for tonight through tomorrow morning.  I did not mention this because come hell or high water (in which case there would be no snow...grrr) I will get her to the beauty shop.

Back in the car, I attempt backing across the street to the other driveway (my dad suggested it would be easier) & lo & behold I am stuck once again.  This time I am blocking the entire street sideways.  Lovely!  Also, since it started getting cold, my car has a stalling problem.  Probably something with fuel not making it to where it needs to go, but I haven't taken it in because...(a) Low on funds &  (b) it starts right back up.  Of course, this is wasting time when I have to keep doing it.  A car decides to come down the street.  She sits in the car about 5 minutes, looking at me & backs up down the street.  Thank you so very much!  Next time, I will charge for entertainment.  Somehow, after about 15 minutes of rocking the car back & forth, drive to reverse, I made it back into the driving ruts.  No matter how many times this happens, it is NOT something you get used to.  It stills wears so badly on your patience that you want to get out of the car & just leave it. (till the snow thaws)

There is also the issue of the amount of gas it takes to get unstuck.  And, with gas prices the way they are going right now, it's very worrisome.
I am having so many "If-Only's" right now.  I think the major one would take care of a lot.

If only I had the money...

Waving the Babushka to flag down someone to push out my car,
Collette  (((HUGS)))