PSST! Merry Christmas! (Yes, it really is me)

Merry Christmas & Happy Whatever-Else=You-Celebrate-At-This-Time-Of-Year!

Well, seeing how I got that out of the way...I really missed you all so much!
I know it's been almost 8 months since I last posted.  I don't have any major, cataclysmic, life-altering, or out-of-this-world reason why I just stopped posting.  Actually, life is pretty much the same here in good old Michigan.  Same old shit, almost different year.
I do feel really bad about how I just stopped writing without any reason.  If I made anyone worry, I truly apologize.  And if no one worried...Well damn, someone worried, right? ***crickets*** RIGHT? LOL!
Yes, I am STILL a smartass!  (better than being a dumbass, but I've been that, too, I suppose ;)  OK, you can all quit nodding your heads in agreement now ;)
I suppose one reason I stopped sharing all my infinite wisdom (snicker) was that I felt overwhelmed.  I was just so tired of everything at that point.  I thought summer break would find me wanting to write, but, unfortunately, it didn't.  I found myself almost dreading to be on the computer.  As much as I love writing & reading online, it began to feel like a burden.
I got back to doing something I love, but hadn't taken the time for it in quite a while.  READING.  Real, ink-filled, finger-slicing pages that almost stay open on their own from stretching it open too much.  I found myself engulfed in Anne Rice & Charlaine Harris.  From Anne Rice, it was "The Tale of the Body Thief" & "The Vampire Lestat".  Unfortunately, even though I have seen the movie, "Interview With the Vampire", I do not own the book.  Eventually, I will pick it up.  I could go to the library, but there is something special to me about owning my books.  I admit, I do have way too many books (as does Sarah), but can't seem to part with them.  Of course, there are quite a few that I could sell or donate without bothering me too much.  I'll have to make that a resolution for New Year's (although I am rather bad at keeping resolutions & that's another post anyway).
As for Charlaine Harris, I have read the first three books that the HBO series, "True Blood", was created from.  They are:  "Dead Until Dark", "Living Dead in Dallas", & "Club Dead".  I also have the next two books of what is formally known as "The Sookie Stackhouse Novels".  But, of course, I have not taken the time to sit down & peruse them yet.
I can't recall how I got into the "True Blood" series, but it's become one of my guilty pleasures.  I ended up watching the first two seasons online in about a week or so.  As season three started, I caught the first episode online.  The HBO/Cinemax package is the only movie group we didn't have in the Directv lineup.  My dear, sweet (?), loving hubby checked online for pricing & found out if we ordered the package with all the movie stations, it would be cheaper than to just add HBO to it.  So, VOILA!, I was able to enjoy the series from my tv instead of attempting to download & view it online.  Now, I have to wait until summer once again for the new season to start.  HMPH!
As for my guilty pleasures, I still love watching "Big Brother", "Survivor", & "Big Bang Theory".  I have also become "attached" to "Dexter" this season & have only seen this past season with Julia Stiles.  So, this means I will have to "catch up" by watching the series from the beginning.  Never enough time for "must see"  Another show I found highly interesting is the new series "The Walking Dead" on AMC.  Zombies are always so much fun!  A couple more shows I like are "Lie To Me", Monday nights on Fox & (no laughing, harrassing, or booing, please) "Glee", also on Fox.
I've also been on Twitter & Facebook quite a bit, so if you can't go another day, hour, minute or second without my fabulous wit, you can find me there.
Not much else to tell except an update about my grandma (babcia).  At 93 years old, she's still amazing me every day!  She's been in & out of the hospital quite a bit in the last eight months.  She's still having the same stomach problems, but since she changed doctors a few months ago, they think they have finally found the reason for her stomach problems.  There is an artery her digestive system that is blocked.  When she eats, the blood tries to force it's way through the artery (the docs said there are a few arteries that do this).  Since the blood speeds up for digestion, the pressure of it attempting to go through said artery causes her severe abdominal pain.  It doesn't happen every time she eats or with certain foods either.  They've tried to see if eliminating certain items would help, but it really had no bearing on the situation. The only option they said might possibly help would be to insert a stent in the artery, but that's not guaranteed & surgery at 93 y/o & with the rest of her health problems, would be too great a risk.  Pain meds, antacids, & stool softeners only help a little, if at all.  So, pretty much every day, she has stomach pain that gets intolerable at times.  With pain & discomfort being a consequence, she is reluctant to eat at times.  Babcia loves her food but the pain associated with eating anything makes her very leery.  I believe that the worrying contributes to the situation as well.  It just seems to be a no-win situation.  It adds to my stress levels as well.
I still visit her almost everyday.  She is, after all, only 4 blocks away.  My dad lives with her & takes care of many things around the house.  But, being the old-school, Polish woman she is, she still insists on doing all she possibly can without laying down until it is absolutely necessary.  She still does laundry, dishes, cooks, sews, gardens (with help from my dad & myself) & whatever else she can get away!  She gets so frustrated when she can't get things done because of pain or because her sight has gotten really bad.  You can't blame her.  She has always been very independent.
Now, you know I can't post without bringing up work.  Not too much to say about that except it's as stressful as ever & getting worse all the time.  I adore the kids.  They are not the problem.  Some of my co-workers, there lies the problem.  Truth be told, the problem lies more with the boss man, the "manager" & a couple of employees that would get away with murder if it happened.  And the bitch of it all is none of these individuals signs my check!  With this being Sarah's (my daughter) senior year of high school, I am hoping to be finished with working in the cafeteria at the end of this school year.  Unfortunately, money being a major factor, or lack thereof, I need to work.  Although my paychecks are barely enough to contribute to our financial situation, they do help.  I am still trying to find online work, such as data entry or something in that area where I wouldn't have to use transportation, therefore, saving money on the ever-rising price of gas.
I could probably write a lot more, but then who could keep reading?  (congrats to those who have made it this far ;)
It felt really good to be back here, sharing with my online "family", once again.  I won't commit to a certain date when I will post again, but I sure hope it will be soon because I may have a "little" more to share with you!
Thank you for being here!  Once again, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, Festivus, etc... God Bless & may we all have health, wealth & happiness each day in our lives! (((HUGS)))

Bringing Back the Babushka,

Things Have Been Nuts...

Hey my dear friends!  So sorry I haven't been around lately.  I know I should have let you guys all know that I am ok.
Things have been a bit crazy lately.  My grandma has been & is still sick with stomach problems.  She was in & out of emergency & the hospital without anything being done to help her condition.  She has been talking with her stomach doc about having surgery to put a stent somewhere in her gastric area to open it up in order to keep her from being nauseous.  Being 93, it will be very dangerous to have surgery but she is tired of living with the constant problem.  Almost everytime she eats, she gets sick to her stomach.  Then she doesn't want to eat for fear of feeling sick again or having stomach pains.  She has lost way too much weight & I thank God that she still has the will to live, for now.
So, with all of this, & work, I still have my own family life.  I suppose I let myself get worn down & ended up with a stomach virus for almost a week & am now taking antibiotics for an ear infection that crept up on me with a bad cold/cough & allergies.
We have had a couple of near 80 days where I sat out in the yard to take in some healing sun, which helps a little.  But alas, my summer vacation is still over 5 weeks away.  Today, I pulled a lot of weeds from my yard & will maybe finish next week if the temps come back up again as they are to be in the 50's for the weekend. UGH!  I will never get well if these damn temps don't quit hopping about!
I pray you are all doing well & enjoying life.  I am getting there once again, but it is taking some time.  I love & miss you all!  (((HUGS)))!!!
Waving My Babushka in the Wind,

Hoppy Easter and Other Miscellaneous Ramblings

"cough cough" AHEM! Yes, it's me! And only a week & three days after the previous post. Not bad, for me anyway.  So, on with the show!
First & foremost, before I do anything, I must thank Chrissy at "I Shoulda Been A Stripper".  A few weeks ago, she gave me this wonderful award.   
It's the "Feels Like Home" Award.
There is only one requirement to this award & that is simply to pass it on.
Pick five people who make you feel welcome; who make this strange virtual world of ours feel more comfortable, habitable - and then pass them this award as a token of your gratitude, a thank-you gift.  So, I shall pass it along to:
It was very difficult to choose out of so many great blogs, but those are my five that are comfy spots to me.
What next?  Shall I dazzle you with my brilliance?  (cough cuckoo cough)  No, I know.  I'll ask a question.  Guess what I got?  I bet you'll never guess.  C'mon, what do ya think?  Any ideas?  Ok, I'll give you a hint.  You may get to see me live.  (& maybe hear me sing) LOL.  Ok, no singing, I promise.  Is that a good enough clue?  Did someone say webcam?  YUP! That's it.  I got a webcam.  And I am thrilled!  Now I can do vlogs & you can see my loveley face & hear me sing (NOT!).  No, I will not sing online.  I wouldn't torture you like that.  I have to figure how to set it up.  I have this week off for Easter break so I should have time to figure it out.  I am looking forward to doing video blogs, but kind of nervous, too.  We also got the webcam to talk to my family out of state on Skype.  We did that at my sister's house on New Year's eve.  We got to talk to my uncle in Minnesota face to face.  It was pretty awesome.  I've been playing around with it a little bit so we'll see how it goes.
Yes, I am on Easter break, thank goodness!  I have off all next week.  It's getting really bad at the school with all the fights.  There have been fights all year, but it seems when it gets warmer, the kids get out of control.  These kids were actually getting in fights on purpose so they could post them to "youtube".  Is that ridiculous or what ?  I wish I could get out of there, but my daughter has one more year left of school, so I am pretty much stuck.  I certainly won't leave with her in that school.  She is doing awesome academically & it really pisses me off that certain groups of kids ruin the school for those that care.  The principal said he is tired of it & just doesn't do anything anymore.  We have to call the police in most of the time.  I just pray that no one gets killed one day. Sorry to bring down the mood. 
Anyway, I want to wish all of you a very Happy Easter!  Don't eat too much candy!  Hopefully, you'll be seeing my smiling face soon!
Donning my Easter Babushka,
Collette   (((HUGS)))


Calgon Take Me Away...NOW!

Drum roll please...bum bum bum ba da bum. (--->running across the stage with the applause sign) somersault (UGH!) TA-DA!!!
WOW! The things I do for you people...hee hee hee:)
I am now worried that I will have to start each post with a spectacular entrance. So, if I don't, please, do not be disappointed. I may have actually been forced to swallow taken my medication that day.
(Damn, now what was that excuse I was going to use for taking so long?) Once again, I have taken my sweet old time to post. Well, you see, I was taken hostage to another planet by evil aliens. No? Um, I was on an a secret expedition in the frozen tundra of Anarctica to clone polar bears. Hmm...ok, I've been pretty busy & when I wasn't, I was too tired, lazy & frustrated to post. Of course, I know that it is during the times I am frustrated to get online & pour my guts out so I don't strangle someone or pull my own hair out. And even though it is late & I should get to sleep, I will let you all know a bit of what has been going on so you don't worry about me. Because I know you will for the simple fact that you are all a bunch of saps the best listeners & bloggy buds a girl could have! So here goes...

My babcia hasn't been feeling well & we have taken her to the emergency room 2 times, to doc appointments 3 times for this problem, & have picked up various medications & supplies in just over the past 3 weeks. She was having bad stomach pain. Now it's not so much pain, but nausea almost constantly, especially if she eats & then, she's only eating crackers, toast, etc. The ER, 1st time, thought constipation & handled it as such. A week later in ER, they said gastritis as nothing was found in x-ray or cat scan. The docs said today that the morphine she takes for her arthritis is causing the nausea. But, she needs it for the pain. These docs are foreign & want her (& all people) to be off any kinds of meds except for tylenol & ibuprofen. Maybe they get kick-backs from pushing OTC meds, I don't know. All I know is that babcia had osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia & is 93 years old. She can only do much with her aging body & they want her to exercise! I say, even if she is "hooked" on the morphine, it is giving her a better quality of life than she would have without it & being 93 years old is nothing to sneeze at. She does have an appointment for the stomach specialist, but not until April 29th. I told her to call everyday & check if they have any cancellations. Maybe they can do some tests to give us a specific diagnosis. She has had stomach problems since she was a little girl, but this is lasting way too long & I am going out of my mind! I have pretty much been the only one taking her places & running everywhere for her.

I need a vacation from life for a while! Just me, my computer, cigs (I was cutting down for awhile, but...excuses, excuses), lots of diet cola with lime, & I will probably need to eat every once in awhile (even if it doesn't look like I need to). It has to be somewhere warm, sunny, & away from civilization. I don't know for how long yet, but it will probably be for a while. I can hear the ocean now!

There's more to the stress but I shall leave that for the next post. (which will be up much sooner than the 3 weeks it took me this time!)

As stressed as I have been, I am trying not to let it get to me like the time of the "curse"! Things always work out. I have to trust that there is a reason for everything we go through. So, with that, I will say good night. Sleep tight & don't let the perverts bite:)

Using my babushka as a hobo bag,

Collette (((HUGS)))

To Make a Short Story Long...

PSST! Yes, you. Is it safe to come out? Hmmm...(looking around to make sure I don't get mobbed) It looks ok. Nobody but us here. WHEW! I really thought everyone would come jumping out & screaming "What took you so long?", "Why haven't you written anything?". Oh, I'm sure I'll hear it! Yes,I know. It's the last day of February & the last hour in eastern time. I really did plan on posting sooner. (likely story, I know!) But what matters is that I am here & ready to bore amaze you with my lengthy never-ending sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat, fantabulous writing! So, without further ado...

February is done! THE END

Oh I just kill myself sometimes! LMAO!!!
And no, the men in the white coats did not come to take me away & I don't expect them to (unless one of you lets the cat out of the bag that I escaped)
But seriously folks, (ok, c'mon now, I have to get serious here. Deep breath! ) I think I'm ok now. OM...OM...OM...AH! Done cracking up for now. I think I am in silly mode. It's either due to not enough sleep or the fact that it's back to hell work in the morning. That place is enough to drive anyone nuts! In fact, I believe it's a prerequesite to be at least a little crazy. If you don't go in that way, you will leave that way!

So, I'm happy to announce that the curse, jinx, bad luck, evil eye, etc., that had been following me around is gone (knock wood) at least for now. I am ready to take in all the good luck I can get! Money can start rolling in any time! MONEY? HEL-LO? Hmm...I'm waiting! AHEM! So, anyway, things haven't gotten worse & maybe sort of evened out. Life is pretty much back to- normal.

I don't know what it is about that word-normal. I just don't think it has ever fit me at all. I have never cared much for the word. In fact, I shudder at the very thought that I could ever be...ACK!...normal. And judging by this post, I don't think I am in any danger of that! LOL!

So, life goes on & I am really looking forward to spring. The temps here are supposed to be near 40 pretty much all week so it should melt some of this snow. Although I can't really complain too much about this winter. The most snow we have had was this month. It's been about 6 inches here, 4 inches there. And quite a few nights with an inch or so to wake up to. I do not envy those of you who have had all that snow or those of you who don't usually get snow & did.

Something is up with Mother Nature this year for sure. I hope she gets on some medication soon! I don't think our world can take too much more of her antics.

I pray for all those who have been affected by the devastation around the world.

God Bless every one of you & your families! We can all use some blessings now & then.

So till next time, I remain...

Your friend & certified nut job

Babushka Waving in the Wind

Collette (((HUGS)))

January is Gone & I Hope the Curse Went With It!

I can't believe it's already February! I guess with so many things going on, I just about skipped January. (I wish I could have skipped it!) Things have finally calmed down a bit, but I never expect it to last because the moment I let my guard down...WHAM!!! Hit with another mack truck. So, I suppose I should finish my "cursed" story or at least the "humbug holiday" part with this post. So we continue with Part 3, "The Curse Continues" or I Have Had Enough".

If you remember, in the last post, the curse took my car. In the first chapter, it was my computer. This is the culmination of the rest.

During the holiday season, it always seems that more people than usual pass away due to depression of the season, health problems due to the cold or various other circumstances. This holiday season, a period of about 2-3 weeks, 4 people I knew passed away. Three were guys I have known for some years, 2 my age & the other maybe 10 years older. I am 42. Two were from heart attacks & one died from falling on the ice & hitting his head. The fourth was my hubby's aunt, his father's (deceased for as long as I have known hubby) sister. She died from cancer. It was just found about a month or so before. She didn't really have many symptoms. She wasn't feeling well. Thought she had a bad cold & was constipated for longer than she should have waited. By the time she went to the doctor, she had stage 3 cancer of pretty much all digestive system. They wanted to do surgery but the organs were too far gone. She was finally put it hospice & passed a couple of days later. The Lord took her fairly quickly so I believe she didn't suffer too much. My daughter took it pretty badly because she stayed at her home many weekends as grandma lives there as well. Too many passings in such a short time...sigh.

This part can be considered curse/stupidity or blessing/luck. Maybe a little of both. A couple of weeks ago, my middle sister, who is 40, somehow ended up totalling her car, getting out of it with no damage to herself or others. She was drunk, doesn't know why she was in that area & says she woke to the car crashing. Apparently, another car was involved but the guy, who must've been drinking also, left before the police came. She was taken to jail & no one knew where she was until later that day. It happened at 6:30 in the morning. A friend of hers got her out in the early evening after we found out where she was & how much it would be. I thank God she wasn't killed or killed someone else. There is a whole story with this but I only mention this as part of the "fun" I have been going through since the end of '09. We also have a great aunt who my mother lives with that fell down while at the doctor's for a stress test. She tripped over some mops that were in the hall & broke the bone under her left eye in 4 places. So, she was in the hospital for a few days.

I think that's about it for the major stuff (for now anyway). So, if anyone wonders why I seem a bit pessimistic, I hope this gave you a little idea. lol.

Things have calmed down some & I have been busy as ever. I still have no sound on my computer. It looks like I need a new sound card. I will pick one up tomorrow (later) & hopefully that will take care of that problem. I love my 2005 Cobalt. So, does my daughter. Now she can take this car for her driving test to get her license. Soon another teenager on the road. (I will be praying the rosary This car is very good on gas, too. So that helps a little with the financial situation that we're all in these days. Hubby & I are working. (even if we'd rather hit the big lottery) The weather here in Michigan hasn't been too bad this winter, yet. But, of course, they are calling for a good amount of snow Tuesday into Wednesday this week. But at least it's not like "Snowmageddon" that the east coast just had. Or it's not "supposed" to be...I shouldn't even think that! Put the thought right out of my mind before I jinx it!

I guess I have held you captive long enough. (those of you who have stayed this long) I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed week full of love & good things! Till we meet again...

Babushka Blowin' In the Wind,



AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

WAKE UP! I have got to wake up! Am I still sleeping? Someone please pinch me, I keep having the same nightmares over & over, just with a different cover of darkness. I open one eye & then the other. Hmm...I am awake. Ok, so I am in the movie "Groundhog Day", right? (I really hate that movie.)
Consciousness established.
It's just really bad luck all at once. With a glimmer of hope, I ponder that maybe, just maybe, the universe might be purging all negativity from my path for the entire year to come. (or the next few years) And if not, then my year is going to be hell.
It started with my computer, as I detailed in the last post. Then, the day after New Year's, my car decided to let gravity take over.
I purchased this car in February from a friend for $2500 after my '96 Neon decided it had enough. Not wanting to put any more money into repairs, I got a '96 Mercury Grand Marquis. My friend wanted a new truck & had this car from her parents that had passed on during the year. It was a nice looking car, & quite a bit larger than the Neon. I should have known from the beginning, when things started failing, that I would have nothing but problem after problem with this car. It started with a brake pad falling off when my DH was going to bring it home. Then a trans leak, followed by windshield wipers working intermittently & an oil pan replacement that would cost us $600. Did that stop us from keeping the car my Babcia called a "Gangster" car? Well, no, of course not. I'd just put oil in about every 2 days till we could "afford" to replace to oil pan. So what if the windshield wipers wouldn't stop until you shut the car off. A minor inconvenience.
I believe my friend's parents had been trying to let us know that we were not the rightful owners of that car from the very beginning. So, the day after New Year's, I started the car to go visit Babcia, drove out of my spot & into the street wondered why the rear end of my car was so low & the car was bouncing at a nauseous pace. Driving around the block & back to my spot, I exited said vehicle & noticed the rear end hanging so low it was like me not wearing a bra! This model of Grand Marquis has an air suspension which I found out costs a mint to repair (& no one will touch) or $800 to install a standard suspension. So that was pretty much the last straw on this car since I would still have the oil pan replacement to deal with after this was fixed.
For a couple of weeks, my DH drove myself & my DD to the school in the morning & I had my middle sister pick up DD while i got a ride home from someone at work. During this time we asked people to keep a lookout for something decent but not too expensive. It's really hard to buy a car when you don't even have the money to repair the one you have. Of course, my DH's alternator went bad during this time, costing us $200 that we had to borrow. But, a friend of the family heard about a good used car & we did end up getting it. It's a 2005 Chevy Cobalt. It has a couple things that need to be done, but the guy we bought it from is making sure everything is taken care of . He owns a garage & used car place so we can take care of things through him.
I didn't realize how long this post was. So, I will leave you, my dear, patient readers, with the knowledge that there is more to come. (ok, quit acting like you're sleeping over there) Not too much more, but enough to gain sympathy make another post out of my curse from the unknown.

So until we meet again, I remain,

The Babushka Brigade,


Curse of the Evil Eye, or Just My Bad Luck

If you remember in our last episode, our heroine our fabulous countess I, mentioned "the evil curse". Instead of dissipating, it has continued with a vengeance. I know not where it came from, but destiny be damned if I can not find a way to rid the world of its horrific evil grasp!

*Ahem, don't be worried, I'm being somewhat dramatic. It's quite a bit of bad luck all at once, but we'll get through it. And now, part 2 of "Curse of the Evil Eye".

It all started the day before New Year's eve. My dd was doing her homework & needed me to get the 2007 version of power on my computer. She doesn't have a printer so she uses mine for printed out assignments. Needless to say, I was unsafely downloading & tragically received 2 trojan viruses along with some worms & other malware that killed my computer. My anti-virus caught it seconds too late. My computer was caught in a loop that kept exiting windows. Just a few days before, I had been thinking about how much I would lose if something like this happened as I don't do back-ups...sigh. So, I had to do a total recovery & it did back up all my files at that time, but I couldn't get the audio device to work, thus no sound. After hubby trying, unsuccessfully & after 3 days of recoveries, to restore volume, he figured it may be the sound chip.

So, I am up & running, sans audio, & a few quirks, loss of many programs & even more pictures. But, I have prevailed. I can read your posts & write comments & post my blog. And I am grateful.

Then another piece of the sky fell...

Babushkas Holding Strong,


Happy Freakin' New Year

Happy New year to one & all! I hope your holidays were full of fun & feasting!

I know I'm a little late but things have been a bit, well, chaotic, to say the least.

The holidays went pretty well. Better than I expected, I suppose. Let's just say the madness was spread around rather evenly between families.

In the last episode, I mentioned that we ate herring on Christmas eve. In Polish, we call it "sledzie" & we eat it as a blessing & remembrance of the holiday. (or something like that)

New year's eve we spent with my sisters at the youngest's house with a few friends. We got on Skype & got my uncle & cousins on web cam for a while. It was pretty much seeing who was the drunker group. LOL. We are on astern time & they were on Central. I don't think they stayed up to usher in their own new year, but they were on with us for ours! The rest of the night was pretty quiet & we were home by about 1:30 am. New year's day hubby, dd & myself stayed home & just chilled, veg'd, & pretty much were lazy bums. I stopped over to babcia's to visit as usual, even though we did call her at midnight.

But the day before the new year's eve begins what can only be called an evil curse...

Battling with Babushkas,