A Discussion-with myself?

Momentary Melodic  Muse:
"Take This Job and Shove It"
By Johnny Paycheck

So it's been almost two months since my last post.   I started to write a couple of times & then got distracted with life & other such blog-disrupting affairs.   (procrastinator)  Hey!  Shit happens!   (Oh really? )  Yes,  I've been sick.  (for over a month)  Well,  no, but for a couple of weeks. (And before that?)  Ummm...I can't seem to remember. (fever burn your brain cells or did they drip out of your nose)  No,  I guess I've just been busy.  (doing what? )  Trying to make some money online. (so how's that working for ya?)  Not very well,  I'm afraid.  If I'm lucky,  it's a couple of cents per site a day & it's only a few sites.  At that,  it takes most of my day.  Clicking,  verifying the click. ..argh!  And doing surveys & tasks just gets mind-numbing.  

For anything they say makes money,  you have to pay money.   I am not paying for some program for someone else to make money off of me!  If somebody else does it & makes money,  I'm happy for them but it's not for me.

I will find something but I have to be comfortable with what I'm doing & be totally ok with it.  There are way too many people out there trying to take advantage of others with some "system" or another.   If these "humanitarians" had a way for everyone to make tons of money in "only a few minutes a day", they wouldn't need you to pay them for their program. 

Unfortunately,  many believe this & go broke trying to strike it rich.  It's really sad that these jerks prey on anyone who will believe their spiel.  There are some very well done sites out there that look so professional.  But when more people buy your "product", you can afford to pay more for  advertising.
So I'll just keep doing what I'm doing & maybe pick up some ideas along the way.
Ummm...Now what was the question?
(never mind,  never mind)

My Babushka ever-waving,