No Applause, Please, Just Throw Money

Melodic Muse of the Moment:
Kool and the Gang

Well,  I've finally done it.  Yes,  I have. I've gone & done it!

What have I done,  you ask?  Well,  I'll tell you what I've done.  But first I want you to make me a promise.  Ok?  No fanfare.  I don't want you to go to any trouble about this.  There's no need for balloons,  streamers or confetti.  Absolutely no marching band or parade.  No award ceremony.  Not even a teeny weeny surprise party.  I will have none of it!  Do you understand me?  None!

All right.  Now that we have that out of the way I shall tell you my big announcement.  A small drum roll will suffice. ..
     bum bum bum ba da da da dum

With this post,  I have already surpassed my highest number of blog postings ever in a one year period.  Since I began blogging in March of 2009, I've had a smattering of posts.  Last year,  it numbered eight.  This year,  with this post,  the number is nine.  So far. 

I figured a milestone as this shouldn't go by without a small mention.  And a great big thanks to all who have stopped by over the years.  I wouldn't be here without you!

Hey!   Where are the voices?????

Bowing my Babushka to you,

You've Got to Be Kidding. ..

Moment's Musical Muse:
In the Summertime by
Mungo Jerry

Is it really August already?  Where in the hell does the time go?  Wasn't it just the beginning of summer?  

WHEW!!!  Sorry about that.   I'm just full of wonder (hmmm)  and awe (Aw, I feel soooo sorry for you. ..NOT). 
So we're starting that again,  are we? (What?)  You know all too well what I'm talking about. (Me?)  Yes,  you.   Now cut it out.   I'm trying to blog here. (Oh,  I thought you were just babbling on to yourself again)  All right.  That is quite enough out of you! (Yeah,  yeah,  yeah)  I-AM-SERIOUS!  (Ok, ok)  Thank you. (Hey,  anytime.  For you,  not a problem.  All you have to do is ask.  You know I would. ..)  STOP!!!! (k)

Ok, looks like the coast is clear.  Let's try this again.
My tomatoes,cucumbers & marigolds
I can't believe that summer is almost over.  School will start soon & I'll be dreading the cold weather once again.  It's not that summer has been that warm to start with.  I think we had one week that was 90 degree temps.   And we've had more than our share of rain.  
My little garden is growing pretty well but I need more heat for my tiny tomatoes & puny pickles to grow.  I want MY summer!!!  My summer is 80-85 degrees for at the very least 3 months.  And night temps no lower than 65 degrees.  This high of 70 & low of 50 can kiss my butt!!! 
What happened to global warming?  Did it take a vacation from Michigan this year?  There I go with the questions again.  I don't care what happened.  Give me back my summer! !!@!!

Covering myself with my babushka,