Hoppy Easter and Other Miscellaneous Ramblings

"cough cough" AHEM! Yes, it's me! And only a week & three days after the previous post. Not bad, for me anyway.  So, on with the show!
First & foremost, before I do anything, I must thank Chrissy at "I Shoulda Been A Stripper".  A few weeks ago, she gave me this wonderful award.   
It's the "Feels Like Home" Award.
There is only one requirement to this award & that is simply to pass it on.
Pick five people who make you feel welcome; who make this strange virtual world of ours feel more comfortable, habitable - and then pass them this award as a token of your gratitude, a thank-you gift.  So, I shall pass it along to:
It was very difficult to choose out of so many great blogs, but those are my five that are comfy spots to me.
What next?  Shall I dazzle you with my brilliance?  (cough cuckoo cough)  No, I know.  I'll ask a question.  Guess what I got?  I bet you'll never guess.  C'mon, what do ya think?  Any ideas?  Ok, I'll give you a hint.  You may get to see me live.  (& maybe hear me sing) LOL.  Ok, no singing, I promise.  Is that a good enough clue?  Did someone say webcam?  YUP! That's it.  I got a webcam.  And I am thrilled!  Now I can do vlogs & you can see my loveley face & hear me sing (NOT!).  No, I will not sing online.  I wouldn't torture you like that.  I have to figure how to set it up.  I have this week off for Easter break so I should have time to figure it out.  I am looking forward to doing video blogs, but kind of nervous, too.  We also got the webcam to talk to my family out of state on Skype.  We did that at my sister's house on New Year's eve.  We got to talk to my uncle in Minnesota face to face.  It was pretty awesome.  I've been playing around with it a little bit so we'll see how it goes.
Yes, I am on Easter break, thank goodness!  I have off all next week.  It's getting really bad at the school with all the fights.  There have been fights all year, but it seems when it gets warmer, the kids get out of control.  These kids were actually getting in fights on purpose so they could post them to "youtube".  Is that ridiculous or what ?  I wish I could get out of there, but my daughter has one more year left of school, so I am pretty much stuck.  I certainly won't leave with her in that school.  She is doing awesome academically & it really pisses me off that certain groups of kids ruin the school for those that care.  The principal said he is tired of it & just doesn't do anything anymore.  We have to call the police in most of the time.  I just pray that no one gets killed one day. Sorry to bring down the mood. 
Anyway, I want to wish all of you a very Happy Easter!  Don't eat too much candy!  Hopefully, you'll be seeing my smiling face soon!
Donning my Easter Babushka,
Collette   (((HUGS)))