AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

WAKE UP! I have got to wake up! Am I still sleeping? Someone please pinch me, I keep having the same nightmares over & over, just with a different cover of darkness. I open one eye & then the other. Hmm...I am awake. Ok, so I am in the movie "Groundhog Day", right? (I really hate that movie.)
Consciousness established.
It's just really bad luck all at once. With a glimmer of hope, I ponder that maybe, just maybe, the universe might be purging all negativity from my path for the entire year to come. (or the next few years) And if not, then my year is going to be hell.
It started with my computer, as I detailed in the last post. Then, the day after New Year's, my car decided to let gravity take over.
I purchased this car in February from a friend for $2500 after my '96 Neon decided it had enough. Not wanting to put any more money into repairs, I got a '96 Mercury Grand Marquis. My friend wanted a new truck & had this car from her parents that had passed on during the year. It was a nice looking car, & quite a bit larger than the Neon. I should have known from the beginning, when things started failing, that I would have nothing but problem after problem with this car. It started with a brake pad falling off when my DH was going to bring it home. Then a trans leak, followed by windshield wipers working intermittently & an oil pan replacement that would cost us $600. Did that stop us from keeping the car my Babcia called a "Gangster" car? Well, no, of course not. I'd just put oil in about every 2 days till we could "afford" to replace to oil pan. So what if the windshield wipers wouldn't stop until you shut the car off. A minor inconvenience.
I believe my friend's parents had been trying to let us know that we were not the rightful owners of that car from the very beginning. So, the day after New Year's, I started the car to go visit Babcia, drove out of my spot & into the street wondered why the rear end of my car was so low & the car was bouncing at a nauseous pace. Driving around the block & back to my spot, I exited said vehicle & noticed the rear end hanging so low it was like me not wearing a bra! This model of Grand Marquis has an air suspension which I found out costs a mint to repair (& no one will touch) or $800 to install a standard suspension. So that was pretty much the last straw on this car since I would still have the oil pan replacement to deal with after this was fixed.
For a couple of weeks, my DH drove myself & my DD to the school in the morning & I had my middle sister pick up DD while i got a ride home from someone at work. During this time we asked people to keep a lookout for something decent but not too expensive. It's really hard to buy a car when you don't even have the money to repair the one you have. Of course, my DH's alternator went bad during this time, costing us $200 that we had to borrow. But, a friend of the family heard about a good used car & we did end up getting it. It's a 2005 Chevy Cobalt. It has a couple things that need to be done, but the guy we bought it from is making sure everything is taken care of . He owns a garage & used car place so we can take care of things through him.
I didn't realize how long this post was. So, I will leave you, my dear, patient readers, with the knowledge that there is more to come. (ok, quit acting like you're sleeping over there) Not too much more, but enough to gain sympathy make another post out of my curse from the unknown.

So until we meet again, I remain,

The Babushka Brigade,


Curse of the Evil Eye, or Just My Bad Luck

If you remember in our last episode, our heroine our fabulous countess I, mentioned "the evil curse". Instead of dissipating, it has continued with a vengeance. I know not where it came from, but destiny be damned if I can not find a way to rid the world of its horrific evil grasp!

*Ahem, don't be worried, I'm being somewhat dramatic. It's quite a bit of bad luck all at once, but we'll get through it. And now, part 2 of "Curse of the Evil Eye".

It all started the day before New Year's eve. My dd was doing her homework & needed me to get the 2007 version of power on my computer. She doesn't have a printer so she uses mine for printed out assignments. Needless to say, I was unsafely downloading & tragically received 2 trojan viruses along with some worms & other malware that killed my computer. My anti-virus caught it seconds too late. My computer was caught in a loop that kept exiting windows. Just a few days before, I had been thinking about how much I would lose if something like this happened as I don't do back-ups...sigh. So, I had to do a total recovery & it did back up all my files at that time, but I couldn't get the audio device to work, thus no sound. After hubby trying, unsuccessfully & after 3 days of recoveries, to restore volume, he figured it may be the sound chip.

So, I am up & running, sans audio, & a few quirks, loss of many programs & even more pictures. But, I have prevailed. I can read your posts & write comments & post my blog. And I am grateful.

Then another piece of the sky fell...

Babushkas Holding Strong,


Happy Freakin' New Year

Happy New year to one & all! I hope your holidays were full of fun & feasting!

I know I'm a little late but things have been a bit, well, chaotic, to say the least.

The holidays went pretty well. Better than I expected, I suppose. Let's just say the madness was spread around rather evenly between families.

In the last episode, I mentioned that we ate herring on Christmas eve. In Polish, we call it "sledzie" & we eat it as a blessing & remembrance of the holiday. (or something like that)

New year's eve we spent with my sisters at the youngest's house with a few friends. We got on Skype & got my uncle & cousins on web cam for a while. It was pretty much seeing who was the drunker group. LOL. We are on astern time & they were on Central. I don't think they stayed up to usher in their own new year, but they were on with us for ours! The rest of the night was pretty quiet & we were home by about 1:30 am. New year's day hubby, dd & myself stayed home & just chilled, veg'd, & pretty much were lazy bums. I stopped over to babcia's to visit as usual, even though we did call her at midnight.

But the day before the new year's eve begins what can only be called an evil curse...

Battling with Babushkas,