Stay Off the Sidewalks

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It's been way too long since I posted, so I figured I had better get back to business.

What has been happening in my neck of the woods? Since last time, I did finally get rid of the poor purple neon. The tow truck showed up at about 1:30 pm. So, I didn't have to wait from 8-5 only 8-1:30pm. Only wasted 3/4 of my day. Anyway, that is over & done with. The used car we bought to replace the neon is leaking oil something bad. And, it's only going to cost us $600 to fix it! (like we have that kind of money to pull out of our...Umm...butts, for a little nicer version of what I was going to say) It sucks & I am putting a quart of oil in every few days. When I went to the gas station last week, they put in 2 quarts & it just leaked out all over the street in front of my house. Needless to say, at least one neighbor is not happy. He suggested we put a box or something under the car. ARGH!

Fast forward to today. The city has finally been fixing our streets. Unfotunately, since we can't park on the street, the side streets & any open spaces are filled. In our little 2.2 square mile city, most houses do not have driveways as the houses are barely far enough apart to squeeze a car in between. Our house was built in the 1930's! We do have a two car garage, but usually we don't bother with it. My hubby's blazer & my '96 Grand Marquis barely fit. I did have a lovely time trying to back my car into it a little bit ago. But, I succeded without dinging the blazer or ripping my mirror off! I will once again attempt to put my car back in the garage after I pick up my DD from driver's ed. She started the classroom part last week & starts driving later today! Please wish us luck as she has never driven before in her life! (oh boy!)

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