It's the Weekend...Finally!

It's Friday! WOOHOO! YIPPEE! YEE HAW! HIP HIP HOORAY! So, I guess I am a little subdued today, don't ya think? Well, it's the weekend & that is enough for me to be happy. I made it through the week at work & only have 7 days left to work till I am off for the summer. And, if I can find something online to do that makes me at least what I make in a day at work, then goodbye cafeteria! Of course, I could probably collect bottles for deposit & make that much, too. I have been there 6 years & have reached my pay cap of $9 an hour. With as much as we deal with from these kids & the school staff, we should be the highest paid employees there. Then we have the people that say with as much money as we make, we should do more. Yes, $9 an hour is really too much. How can we be so selfish? And today, being the last day of school for the seniors, all the kids were wound up. What happens when kids are wound up at lunch? Food fights! It was only the second lunch period that had a food fight out of 3 lunches so I consider that a good day...LOL! There is only one reason I would even consider keeping my job there if I had the money to daughter. She has 2 more years left of school. We don't live that far from the school, but sometimes I feel better knowing if something happens, I am right there! In that school, it's not a surprise when something happens. It's something expected.

I'm just glad it's the weekend. Hope it's an enjoyable one for all of you!


Chrissy said...

My goodness. You should definitely make more money having to deal with all those little monsters. Your daughter excluded, of course!

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