A Bit of Culture & Class

After over a week, I am finally sitting down & writing. I'll probably get distracted as I am very good at that. And, the Tony awards are on. OK, I never watch the Tony's, but Constantine Maroulis is on the show. Do you know Constantine? Oh, American Idol, a few years back, tall, long-ish dark brown, wavy hair, Greek, rock god with a voice that could melt your soul. Ahem...sorry. Not sure which season it was-maybe 4-the season Carrie Underwood won. Anyway, he mentioned on facebook, (yes, he is one of my "friends"...lol), that he would be on the Tony's tonight. So, I'm checking it out. And even though I have never been to a real play or musical, there are a few that I would love to see. "Rock of Ages" is the one that Constantine is in now on Broadway. That would be awesome but a trip to New York is just not in the stars for me at the moment. I've always wanted to see "Cats", but I think that one has been retired. Right now, "Grease" is playing here in Detroit, with Taylor Hicks (another American Idol alum). "Mamma Mia" looks like a fun one to see. I have always liked Abba's music. So, many plays, so little time or money.

It's the same with concerts. There are so many I want or have wanted to see, but the money just isn't in the budget. The last concert I was at was Rockstar Supernova. Now that was a great show. Even though I would have picked someone else for the lead singer, Lukas does have a pretty good wail. Most of the concerts I want to see now are the same people I would've seen 20 years ago if I had the money then. Although I did see Motley Crue, I would see them again & again. I would see all the 80's hair bands, some new bands, some 70's rock & even some country. Keith Urban and Tim McGraw are definitely hotties! I'll tell you, I have no idea what the kick is wearing pants "saggin' ", but give me a nice tight pair of jeans or leather pants and- Ooh Baby-that's the way to wear them! The kids today just don't know what looks good.

So, the Tony awards show is a lot better than I expected. I really enjoy watching the entertainment portions. I love watching dancing & seeing the choreography. That's why I have been trying to catch all the episodes of "So You Think You Can Dance" for a couple of years now. Those dancers are amazing! With all the dance styles they have to learn in so little time, it is such a pleasure to watch. I guess the reason I like that type of show is because I had to take classes when was young. I took a little tap, very little ballet & some Polish dancing. Polish dancing was the most fun! Very lively & quick. In high school, we even danced for our school festival. That was a blast! We only had a couple of weeks to learn & even through all the mistakes & malfunctions, it was cool! I was also a cheerleader for about 4 years. I guess that is why I still have a love for dance even if I would kill myself if I tried any of it now...LOL! Well, maybe a polka here or there at a wedding but that's about the extent of it.

So, there is my cultural post for the week although it isn't even close to what I was planning on writing. See, I do have some class. Ah, a performance from "Hair" is on next so I will see you later!

Dancing with Babushkas,



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