I Love the '80's!!!

Don't be too afraid of the title. It's true, I love the music from the '80's. The hair bands, alternative, the old school rap we had back then; that was a "totally awesome" time for music.

But, what I was really referring to was the temperatures we had here for a couple of days. Wednesday & Thursday were such perfect days weatherwise for me. The skies were blue with a little bit of thin, white clouds creating just the right amount of haze. A nice warm breeze blowing at about 10 mph & the temperature was between 80-85 degrees. Two days of gorgeous weather teasing just enough to leave me daydreaming of more to come in the days ahead. Just the night before, we had a frost warning. I haven't yet planted anything outside, so I wasn't worried about covering up any plants. And now, we're back to average temps of highs in the lower 70's. I really can't complain because I know that summer is right around the corner.

Now, music from the '80's, that was something. The hair bands were my favorite. I graduated from high school in 1985 so I was right in the middle of 80's hype. I had my share of dressing like Madonna, lace fingerless gloves & all! Saw Motley Crue in '82, I think, when they opened up for Ozzy. I dressed like Vince Neil & my sister's friend dressed like Tommy Lee, both in full make-up. We had no car at the time & a friend dropped us off but never came back later to pick us up. What did we do? We took the bus home from downtown Detroit dressed like 2 of the guys from Motley Crue. Seeing as that was almost 25 years ago, the people on the bus were more afraid of us, I believe! I don't remember much , of course. We did a little drinking before we even left for the show. We did sober up a bit by the end because there's some kind of law about no buying alcohol if you're under 21...LOL! And, my fake id looked fake except to the small party store owners just looking to make a few bucks.

I've seen quite a few concerts in my day. Ozzy & the Crue, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper,Robert Plant, Jimmy Page when he played with The Firm, KISS, Boston, Warrant, I almost forgot Billy Squier, & more. I can't remember all of them right now. My very first concert though, was Andy Gibb at the State Fair. (God rest his soul) My last concert was Rockstar Supernova with Gilby Clark & Tommy Lee a few years ago. There are so many concerts I want to see. Some for the first time & others, again, because I still listen to their music. But, unfortunately, tickets cost way too much & if you add parking & beverages, it turns out to be a very expensive night.

So, I still love my hair bands & I hear them on XM radio stations Hair Nation & The Boneyard. Motley Crue is still played on fm radio, so I can still get my metal fix. I also like a lot of newer bands like HIM, Avenged Sevenfold & others. The one band I have never seen yet, but would love to is Metallica. The music is awesome. I just hope I get to go before I get to using a walker! LOL. I am only 41 now (till July) but my Babcia decided to share her arthritis with me. Early inheritance, I guess.

Thanks for letting me share some of my '80's with you! Here's to this being the best summer ever...Na sdrowie! Now, where are those leg warmers???

Babushka blowin' in the Wind,



Anonymous said...

I'm 60, and when my daughter would leave for school, I'd watch her MTV so that I could tape her favorite videos for her to watch later. So what happened? Well, I fell in love with Duran Duran, Def Lepard, Boy George and my all time favorite.....ADAM ANT!

The Devil's Daughter-In-Law said...

Many of my faves, too!

Also, LOVE your profile pid! ;)

The Devil's Daughter-In-Law said...

Woops. Profile piC!


ettarose said...

I love music of almost any kind, except (C)rap and I am none too fond of country. I love Rod Stewart, Queensryche, ACDC, Moody Blues, CCR, Pink Floyd. Now it's Cold Play, Lifehouse(my all time fave in the whole damn world) Papa Roach, Lady Ga-Ga, Dido. Oh I could go on and on.

Collette said...

Dana: Def Leppard is still one of my faves & there is something about Adam Ant that made it very easy to like him & his music.

DIL: Glad you fixed the spelling. I thought that PID was one of those new abbreviations that the kids use in texting nowadays & I had no Idea what it would have meant...lol!

Ettarose: Don't care much for the (C)rap myself & every so often I can listen to a litle country.

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