Life Gets in the Way but Don't Brush It Away Too Quickly

Hmm...I guess I'm just going to start typing & see what comes out! The title will be the last thing I put on here. I just decided that it was about time to write another post since it has been over a week! I had no topic in mind, just the thought to post.

When I decided to start writing a blog, my plan was to put something out at least 3 times a week. I have not stuck to that idea very well. Well, plans change & life gets in the way.

It always seems that the less I have to do, the busier I am. I stay pretty busy at work, but when I get home, I am busier. And, of course, on my days off, with no plans, I have more to do than I even imagined!

I suppose being a working mom can do that. Also, I want to make sure things are done right, so I get a little obsessive about stuff, too. My mind is always working on something. It's no wonder when I am on the computer late, I tend to doze off. My face always looks better with some keyboard imprints on it...LOL.

Another reason for my over worked mind is always some crisis, either big or small, it's always something. I could probably give you a list pages long with everything that comes up in my little corner of the world. Car problems: I won't give you a history or even start at the beginning of this year, just suffice to say that right now, I have a bad trans leak & the only guy around here who does the heavy work is stuck in Poland because of the swine flu thing! How is that for news you just love to hear?!?!? Work/School: Not many days left till summer break which is good except for not having any income from me, little as though it may be, it does help with everyday expenses. Hubby's check covers all the bills. Also, as the school year comes to a close, the kids get more rowdy (as if that is possible) & the fights are more frequent. I can only pray that my daughter is nowhere around when the stupidity starts! Then, there's always finances to worry about as everyone does.

That's my condensed version. Just be glad that I didn't make that today's topic. (don't worry, it's not a topic for a future post

One thing I don't mind worrying about is taking care of my Babcia. She takes care of herself but needs a little extra help sometimes with driving her places or picking up groceries or prescriptions. My dad lives with her & that really helps alot. Mostly, I love to go there to talk to her. Whether it be news of the day, something from tv or things from the past, for a 92 year old, she is awesome to talk to.

Now, that summer is almost here, soon we will be planting a small garden in her yard. (I finally started doing one myself a couple of years ago) We usually plant tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers. It makes her happy that she can still get out & help a little. She really does miss all the yardwork she used to do. She always had lots of flowers & was so happy just to grow them & make more from offshoots that she cut. That's the one thing I wish I could give her, the ability to move around the yard & work her garden & flowers on her own. It makes her sad that her pain & body won't allow her to do something she loves so much.

Maybe I'll pick up a few flats of something to brighten up the yard. She only has a couple of flowers in this yard. I guess I am going to have some digging to do! Digging & yardwork are good for peace of mind & for the soul!

With the wing beneath our babushkas, I remain,

Collette (wife,mom, lunch lady& grandaughter)


Chrissy said...

I bet you're lunch-ladied out by now. You must be counting the days.

Aren't stories from seniors the best? I love to hear about "back when...."

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