Can We All Be Free?

Well, I feel guilty that I have not written in a little while. How long has it been? Just over a week but it seems like much longer. I hate starting something & then forgetting or letting it go. It's a very bad habit.
So, I still have the cold, cough, whatever it is. I just have a bad feeling that it's going to turn into pneumonia. It seems more & more people are coming down with pneumonia these days. I never knew it to be so common as the last couple of years. Very scary that these "superbugs" keep mutating & become immune to our medications. Or does the government have something to do with it? Let's save that for another post. I could go on & on about government & big drug companies. But, right now I would rather write about more pleasant things.
I think it actually stems from not-so-pleasant thoughts & feelings. Feelings of stress, depression, worry & probably boredom, too. I guess I'm just tired of everything around here. Work, crime, the schools...I know things are bad all over right now & it's no different here. I watch the news way too much & all you see is bad news. I just want to live free from all that gets me down.
I want to live where I can work from home when I want. I want to wake up & see the sun, sand & surf. I want my daughter to be able to learn all she can in a non-distractive or destructive environment. A place where racial tensions & fights are non-existent. Where teachers really care & kids want to learn. A peaceful, happy place that I don't have to worry about her being. Somewhere she will continue to grow as the loving, caring person we've brought her up to be. A wonderful land where things don't matter as much as people do. Where money isn't the first thing on my mind when I need something. Where people don't have to beg.
I read a blog called "thefutureisred". This family lived in New York & sold everything & have been traveling all over the world with their 5 y/o daughter. Their story so far is amazing. I don't think I could ever be as free as that but just to get out of the rat race & do what you love doing. That's the way to live!
I dream of a day when my family & I can live free of the hustle & bustle of life here. Somewhere tropical, with a warm breeze blowing off the water. I can see the sun & big fluffy clouds that, as you watch, change forms from one thing to another. The warm sand beneath my feet & even the sound of the gulls as they look for food. Going into town, seeing the markets filled with homemade wares like no other. The freshest of food & the smell of it cooking. Feeling full, from food & happiness, as I watch the sunset, knowing that tomorrow will be just as amazing! day. One day we will be as free as the gulls that soar & I pray that everyone would be able to experience their own dreams!
With my billowing babushka,


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