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"Blame It On the Rain"
Milli Vanilli

I finally decided to grow a small garden again this year.   I haven't really grown one since my Babcia passed away, just over 2 years ago.  
I've been thinking about it for a while now.
My Babcia

So finally when my heart is ready,  my body has decided it is not.   Well,  you know what?  That's too bad,  body.   We're doing it!  Suffer in silence (or not).   

I got out the throw rug,  small garden tools & cigarettes & got to work on my little piece of earth.  Pulling the weeds didn't seem to be working too well, so I started digging & cutting into the ground till I got a good-sized piece.  I pulled it out, shook off the dirt & continued until I had a cleared area about 4ft by 2ft.  

Time to plant the tomatoes!   I grabbed the little planter that came with the kit to start the tomatoes in & separated them.   Babcia & I used to go to this great produce place to get tomato & pepper plants that were already on their way to being strong,  sturdy specimens.   She would buy too many tomato plants for herself so she would "have to" give some to me to grow in my limited gardening space.   I always seemed to find just enough room for them.   The cucumbers were always grown right in the garden from seeds.  And they had to be pickling cucumbers.  How else are you supposed to make pickles?   (You're probably wondering if I'm ever going to make it back from Memory Lane?   Or am I lost forever?   Seriously,  when have I ever been completely here? )

So the tomatoes & cukes are planted.   The dill is growing around the yard on its own.   And Babcia is watching over me & my itsy bitsy garden. 

Forever waving my Babcia's babushka,


ReformingGeek said...

My mouth is watering for those tomatoes. Good job on that garden prep. It's hard work!

My tomato plant has given me one tomato. Sigh.

Oh well. Maybe I need to be watched over by you Babcia.

Collette Palmer said...

Oh Reffie, I don't usually have a green thumb either. I guess as long as Babcia watches over us, we're good to go ;)

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