Sharing---Is It Really A Good Thing?

 Melodic Musing of the Moment:
"Rock & Roll All Night" by Kiss

Missing the blogosphere,  I've spent the better part of the evening reading through blogs.  Some old, some new, some renamed, & some are gone that I once knew.  It makes me rather nostalgic.  I get that way sometimes...

"Memories..."  AHEM!  Sorry, I got a little lost there for a moment.

 Ah, the wonders of the mind.  I sure don't want to get lost in my thoughts.  I never know what I'll find there.  I don't know if I'd make it back alive.  Or would I find it a place I would never want to leave?  Hmm...


Well, I guess I have been spending way too much time away from here.  I have been listening to '70's music quite a lot lately.  And even without burning the incense (I do have some. Real incense. That was NOT a metaphor for something else) I'm really enjoying it, man.  Or should I say I'm diggin' it.

Ok, I was born in 1967, so I do feel a special connection with the hippie thing.  I've never been one to follow the crowd or wear the latest fashions.  But, I haven't burned any of my bras either (as much as I'd like to. I hate them!)

But, being born then, I was a teen in the '80's.  And, I LOVED it!  For a little while, I did the Madonna thing with the lace half gloves & all.  But when I got to high school, all bets were off!  It was heavy metal, big hair, spandex & tight leather pants heaven.  Guys with long hair & tight jeans...MMMMMM.  I so miss that!
Gilby Clarke(

Jani Lane(from internet)
The bands:  Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, Warrant (R.I.P. Jani Lane) & so many more.   In our senior class of 1985.......Whew,  I almost went all cheerleader on you there for a minute, but I stopped myself.  Ok?  (looking around)  The moment has passed, you're safe for now.  As I was saying, we had mock elections for our yearbook & I was elected Class Rock-n-Roller!!!!!  Screw Valedictorian...I ROCK!!!   (Grade-wise, I did come in 10th of a class of 85 students, so I didn't get killed by my parents)

As for music from the '90's till now...I've liked some stuff & some I can live without.  (like that damn speaker-thumping, window-rattling, nerve-wracking hip-hop that these kids blare nowadays-even as I speak/type at 3:30 am)  ARGH!!!!!  I tell you these kids have no respect!  (Do I sound old? Cranky?  Like the 2 unmarried sisters that lived together a couple of doors down from me & screamed everytime you so much as touched their grass?  No?  Good!)

So, if you check out my Spotify, you might be very shocked at what you find there.  Then again, knowing me, maybe not.

Babushka's Rock!


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ReformingGeek said...

Whoa! I can feel the feel the vibrations all the way down here in Texas! You ROCK!


Now, I'm going back to my nap. :)

Collette Palmer said...

(((Reffie))) Have a great nap! I'll try not to wake you again with my!

Anonymous said...

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