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"Don't Stand So Close To Me"
The Police

Is money seriously no object to some people that they would risk damage to their expensive vehicle just to get somewhere faster?  

Case in point:   I am usually parked right here
This is from inside my car. There is a sign to my right that says "Parking this side of sign"

Now, most cars leave a reasonable amount of room when they are turning, as any normal person would. A couple of feet, I think, is a good, safe distance. But no. .. As luck would have it, any time an expensive sports or luxury vehicle goes to turn past me, EEEEK! They leave merely inches! This, of course, leaves me screaming obscenities- to myself.

 What else can I do? Oh I know I can park somewhere else but this is the closest spot to the door my daughter has to walk out when she closes up at work. In the summer, it's no problem for her to walk a little further, but if it's dark or the weather is bad, I'd prefer to be as close as possible.

So, besides cussing out drivers every five minutes, I have tried a couple of tactics. One was sticking my arm out the window so maybe people would stay out far enough to avoid my arm.   This seemed to work even if my arm hurt from keeping it out of the window too long.  
Is that my arm?

The second one I tried because it was raining.   I couldn't have the window rolled down, so if I saw a vehicle coming up close,  I started to open the door.   Ok!  I know, I know!  Not the smartest or safest thing to do,  but it did do the trick.   It's not like I threw the door open as they drove up.   I just slowly began to open it as if I was getting ready to exit my car, but watching traffic so the door didn't get torn off.  

The idiots did tend to stay a bit further away.   I'm sure I scared some & probably pissed some off.  Anyway,  I did save my car from any damage & saved my voice by not yelling too many obscenities in the process. 

Directing Traffic With My Babushka, 


Ron said...

OMG Collette, THIS is why I don't miss having a car and driving.

"Anyway, I did save my car from any damage & saved my voice by not yelling too many obscenities in the process."

Good for you, because I used to be the same when I drove...yelling obscenities AND using my 'middle' finger a lot - HA!

Hope you're having a FAB weekend, dear lady!


ReformingGeek said...

Holy Moly, other drivers! They DRIVE me nuts!

Collette Palmer said...

(((Ron)))-When I win the big money, I am getting a driver...lol! Hope your weekend is awesome!

(((Reffie)))-Seriously, they are so lucky I don't have a weapon (or am I the lucky one?) Is that Star Trek "beam-me-up-Scotty" thing ready yet?

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