Let Freedom Ring!

Oh yeah! One day left. It's the day before MY last day of school! (Cue Alice Cooper) School's Out for Summer! Well, for me anyway. Tomorrow is the last full day of school, the last day for lunch. The kids still have half days the rest of the week. My final day to serve slop, I mean nutricious meals, to the evil spawn, umm, lovely children. (I haven't yet figured out how to cross words out. Someone, anyone?)
So tonight, I will dream of a day, so close, yet it seems so far away. It may well be the longest day of the year for me. With each lunch, the time will appear to slow, even stop, as I watch & wait for that last lunch bell of this school year.
It's possible that there could be a food fight in any or all of the lunch periods. Although, since second lunch had one last week, all we give them is a sandwich or slice of pizza. Dry, no condiments, no sides. And a milk, which is usually the favored choice of weapon to hurl at people or through the air.
I will be off to sleep soon and wake with a positive attitude (for once). Keeping in mind , my patience & sanity intact, that it will be over soon!
I will give you all the sordid details later. Stay tuned!
Waving the Babushka of Victory,


Chris said...

A lunch lady blog?!?! How completely awesome! Our school ended last week, so I get some time off too. Much needed.

And we ALWAYS play "School's Out" over the loudspeakers on the last day at dismissal.

Take care,

Chrissy said...

Yay for you! I hope you've done nothing but sleep for a week. And NOT make anyone lunch.

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