It Never Fails...

So, here it is, early April, temps still a little cool, ready for the "April Showers". I've seen the robins, which is a sign that spring is really here. I bought dh, dd & myself nice, comfortable outfits for Easter, which is this coming Sunday. Even the air has that unmistakeable smell/feel of newness, growth...Spring.

Well. it did, until last night.

The news had been reporting possible snow for a few days already, but with the warmer air here in Michigan, I didn't really expect much of anything. Then the snow reports turned to a winter storm warning! No way! I am so tired of & done with snow from this past winter. It has to be finished snowing for the season, doesn't it? Well, I guess Mother Nature decided on a belated "April Fool's" joke. Sure enough, it started snowing heavily around 11 pm & kept on going through today. Being that the temps were above freezing most of the time & the ground had warmed up a little, most of the snow melted or was heavy slush. Right now, there is snow on the grass but on little else in our area near Detroit. Weather reports are still predicting some flurries through tomorrow, I believe.

As the saying goes in Michigan, "If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes"! I am hoping that this will be the end of the snow & we can finally celebrate the earth coming back to life.

Besides, I just bought a coral handbag with shoes to match. That explains why I picked up the outfits for Easter. I had nothing to match my new accessories! Then, I felt guilty about buying for just myself & purchased outfits for my dh & dd.

So far, the weather for Sunday is looking to be sunny & about 56 degrees. I may get to wear my new shoes after all. But, as Murphy's law says, if anything can go wrong, it will. IT NEVER FAILS!!!

Wondering if they make thermal babushkas,



Chrissy said...

Hi Collette,

They say that about the weather in Cleveland, too!

Thanks for stopping by to visit. Happy Easter!

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