Easter Vacation

I am so glad that it's Easter vacation, or Spring Break-whatever you want to call it. It's a break for me from work at the high school cafeteria. WOOHOO! (Sorry, I had to get that in!) No matter how many days I get off, I always need more. Less than 2 months left till summer vacation. It can't come fast enough.

Maybe you can tell that I don't like my job much. It has its good & bad points. I've been working there for over 5 years & have been trying to work from home for longer than that. But, I do believe that I am there for a reason. I think that no matter where we are in our lives, we are there for a reason, a learning experience, for ourselves & others. When our "job" is finished there, we are brought to the next lesson. We never cease to learn, to teach, or to grow. I guess my point is that until the need that brought me there has been filled, it's where I will be.

OK, or until I can make at least as much working from home that I make there (which isn't much). So, I just have to get busy & find something online quick! And although taking surveys doesn't sound bad, I just couldn't do too many at once. I just like to work on the computer & at my own pace for maybe an hour or 2 a day. Then get to all the manual labor I do here at home that I don't get paid for (housework!) LOL. If the government would pay us according to all the work we actually do during a week, we would be rich! (until after taxes)

Well, I guess I have bounced around enough subjects for today. Just a little bit of this & that to think about. Back to my online money search & more laundry. If you have any comments or just want to say "HI", leave a comment or message & I'll be back again. Have a great day!

Peace & Laundered Babushkas,


Yellow Cake said...

Lovely post, Pani. I smile as I eat my kielbasa, czarnina 'n pączki. MMM MMM MMM...Smacznego!

Do zobaczenia i proszę nie jeść swój konia.

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