Is It Really Spring?!?!?

So, did ya miss me? Didn't even notice I was gone did you? Or perhaps another new blogger falls because of the pressure?

NOPE! None of the above! Actually, I've been a bit under the weather due to our lovely Michigan weather. Warm, sunny, & gorgeous one minute & the next-BLAH-cold, wet, & ugh, snowflakes. Of course, it may be that I'm allergic to work. Seems that I come down with something right as a school break is coming to an end. (yes, it probably is mind over matter. I'm out of my mind, so it doesn't matter!)

Well, I am feeling a bit better & figured I better get back in my babushka & to you.

It has been chilly & raining here for a few days. For tonight & tomorrow morning, they're calling for some snowflakes with no accumulation (whew). Then we should finally get some clearing with a high of about 50. After that, the rest of the week & weekend looks like spring has finally sprung. Possible temp near 80 for Saturday. WOOHOO! My kind of weather.

There are signs of spring popping up all over, finally! Driving today, I noticed the trees are starting to bud & bushes are starting to get their leaves. And, of course, the kids are blaring their radios more so than usual as they fly down the streets.

My Babcia & I planted some tomato & pepper seeds in cups over a week ago & the tomatoes are sprouting the seedlings! It really is amazing to watch them grow from the very beginning to the end when you get that first tomato. YUM! I finally started my small garden a couple of years ago at my own house, but Babcia has been growing hers for years. I have had to help quite a bit over the last years, as she is 92 & she can't do it alone.

Usually, we plant tomatoes, peppers, & cucumbers. Last years cuke crop was sadly lacking, but the year before, we made pickles galore! I'm hoping for that kind of growth this year.

My neighbors on either side also grow many things. On one side, there are tomatoes (several kinds), peppers, flowers, & grapes. On the other side, they grow a vine spinach, some sort of bean in pods & various other things. These neighbors are from Bangladesh and the others are Bosnian, I believe, from Germany. So, we have all kinds of things growing all over! LOL!

During the summer months, I'll take some pics & show all the gardens & how little space we have between our houses here.

So, that's the story for today. I guess it's long enough already & it's getting late so I need to get to sleep. I do have work in the morning (Hmm, I still feel I will say goodnight for now & I will be back soon (OK, I see you all running!)

Putting on my babushka to keep the snow away,

Collette XOXOX


Scott said...

Hey Collette,

Glad to hear that you are feeling better! I had a cold since Sunday myself and yes it probably is mind over matter! The weather here is kind of crumy also. I am looking forward to seeing those vegetables this summer!


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