Curse of the Evil Eye, or Just My Bad Luck

If you remember in our last episode, our heroine our fabulous countess I, mentioned "the evil curse". Instead of dissipating, it has continued with a vengeance. I know not where it came from, but destiny be damned if I can not find a way to rid the world of its horrific evil grasp!

*Ahem, don't be worried, I'm being somewhat dramatic. It's quite a bit of bad luck all at once, but we'll get through it. And now, part 2 of "Curse of the Evil Eye".

It all started the day before New Year's eve. My dd was doing her homework & needed me to get the 2007 version of power on my computer. She doesn't have a printer so she uses mine for printed out assignments. Needless to say, I was unsafely downloading & tragically received 2 trojan viruses along with some worms & other malware that killed my computer. My anti-virus caught it seconds too late. My computer was caught in a loop that kept exiting windows. Just a few days before, I had been thinking about how much I would lose if something like this happened as I don't do back-ups...sigh. So, I had to do a total recovery & it did back up all my files at that time, but I couldn't get the audio device to work, thus no sound. After hubby trying, unsuccessfully & after 3 days of recoveries, to restore volume, he figured it may be the sound chip.

So, I am up & running, sans audio, & a few quirks, loss of many programs & even more pictures. But, I have prevailed. I can read your posts & write comments & post my blog. And I am grateful.

Then another piece of the sky fell...

Babushkas Holding Strong,



Jayde said...

I have 3 computers in my house and I try to keep as much important stuff as possible spread between them or duplicated on them. It really sucks when I have to wipe out my computer for some reason or other.

ReformingGeek said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that crap is falling out of the sky.

Glad you're holding strong.

Ron said...

Holy cow, this is the second post I've read today saying that their computers got a virus!

I'm so glad to hear you were able to get it up and running. And thank you so much for reminding me to do a backup because I haven't done one in months.

About 4 years ago I had the same thing happen to me. Gratefully, I was able to heal it. Alleluia!

Isn't it amazing that the more powerful virus protection the software companies keep inventing, the more these virus infecting creeps can figure out HOW to move through it.

Listen, I don't know what virus protection your using, but I've been using AVG for the past three years and it's fabulous. And FREE.

Anyway, my keep holding strong, ok?

{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}

Anonymous said...

Wow. That could have been me last year! I got a wicked virus that killed my PC Dec 08.

So I know your pain GF!

Glad you got it all figured out! {hug}

Kathryn said...

Aw, honey. I'm so sorry those mean, stupid, f&*king awful idiot-virus-inducing maniacs got to your computer.

Is it really so much to ask for things to just WORK?? I mean, seriously!

I can see the merits of MAC....I really can.


Collette said...

@Jayde-Might use a lot of space, but rather do that than lose everything!
@Reffie-Thanks. Need a really strong umbrella or hard
@Ron-Glad to remind you. I have Norton's which has been wonderful but the virus didn't show its ugly head until it was too late. sigh.
@Quirky-They are out to get
@Kathryn-A thesaurus full of words still won't get rid of them, but thanks for should use their powers for good, not evil.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Oh no! Chicken Little got squished! Thank goodness you were able to recover your data! Whew!

Anonymous said...

Printers are CHEAP. Buy her a printer for god's sake!! sheesh.

Also, you can hook her pc up to YOUR printer while she needs it.

I'm leaving now, and taking my 'CAPE OF INTELLIGENCE' with me. You're on your own.

Collette said...

@NGIP-At least some of it. Good thing Blogger keeps all of this for me!
@Dana-I know! Those things were all thought of, but we had to try it the stupid way Little do you know that I tied my babushka to your "cape of intelligence" & will use it as needed...LMAO!

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