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Well, it's kind of late but I just felt like posting. I don't have any specific topic or important news to share. I have so many things running around my head & I figured that I should get some out of there before they cause any trouble! Some thoughts just weren't meant to be locked together for very long. I suppose it's like a slow chemical reaction that can blow at any moment! (really don't need any exploding brains around here). You never know what's creeping around foraging for food. (possums, ratalopes, zombies)
You have questions about the ratalope, I see. It's actually a local mythical creature. I have only seen a stuffed one at a bar here in the city, but I have heard stories. The only one in captivity (although stuffed) resides at a bar called "Whisky in the Jar". This is where you can learn the history & legend of the Ratalope. The pic at the side is a jackalope which they say is a cousin of the ratalope.
Lately, I've been reading a lot of blogs. I have subscribed to so many that I just can't keep up! Of course, I do have certain ones that I try not to miss as I have met some wonderful people & made some new friends.
I believe that's what blogging is all about. To me it is anyhow. I have always liked writing since I was in grade school. A freind & I would write stories, together & separately. They were mostly the teenage "boy meets girl" stories to start with, but we wrote what we enjoyed reading. I like to think I do the same here. I write with the feelings & emotions of everyday life. I read & write what interests me. I need to feel what the writer is saying. I want to feel that I've been there or seen it. I've laughed so hard that tears rolled down my face. I've been so angry that I wish I could have been there to back a person up when they had no physical support. I've cried my eyes out when someone has poured their heart out in agonizing pain. And I've tried to be a rock, giving strength when someone is paralyzed with fear.
I know my blogs have yet to rise to that level of emotion, but I hope, when they do, others will be able to feel it through my writing. I am a very passionate person. (read: moody, bitchy, psycho) I can keep my moods in check-most of the time. Although, work can be a bit challenging when it comes to me being cool as a cucumber. And, it's not the kids that try my patience most days.
Anyway, as I said earlier, I've been checking out a lot of blogs, finding new ones everyday that I want to follow. I need to make a schedule to make time to do everything I need to get done on the computer. I've been avoiding ignoring trying to get to my emails as much as possible . I have a lot to read & delete.

I did happen to read "Blogs of Note" earlier today on Blogger & saw a certain blog that I found rather...different. In fact, I found the images a bit disturbing even though I understand the concept. I am praying that I do NOT have nightmares of these "designs". I will, however, leave you with a link, so that those of you that are adventurous (sadistic) may want to check it out. It's called 15 Shapes. Have fun & sweet dreams!!!

Covering my eyes with my Babushka,


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ReformingGeek said...

Hum....a ratalope? I'm sending you a cat.

Get done on the computer? Not possible.

Anonymous said...

I dunno Bubby, I'm scared to click.

Just downright a'scared!

*nervous grin*

Collette said...

@Reffie-I would love a cat! Awesome! Yeah, I don't think we could ever be "done" on the computer either! :)
@Quirky-You-Scared? Say it ain't so!!!!

ettarose said...

Call me a dumb blonde, but I really hated that site. Is there something wrong with me? I did not get any concept except some really crappy graphics. I will have to dive in for another try. I am more familiar with the Jackalope being from Arizona and all.

momzombie said...

Ah, the Jackalope. Fond childhood memories of stalking the elusive Jackalope. No amount of carrot baiting ever flushed the wily creature out of the underbrush. Now, the Ratalope .. not sure how one acquires this trophy.

Collette said...

@Ettarose-Nothing wrong with you. They are really only crappy graphics! Evil-looking little things with teeth! Disturbing!
@MomZombie-Baiting a ratalope would probably be much easier as rats eat anything, but to find one-not so easy, I think. LOL!

Kathryn said...

I don't wanna click. Do I haveta click? I don't, right? You'll still be my blogbud if I don't click?

I think it's always hard to find the balance between posting and reading and blogging and LIVING....

but you've got a lovely writing style and I definitely enjoy your posts!

Collette said...

@Kathryn-Well, since you asked so nicely, you don't have to click. I will still be your bloggie buddy! Thank you for the compliment:)

Mr. Knucklehead said...

Hi Collette! Theresa at An Officer and a Garbage Can said you were looking for me . . . I moved! Go to:

New name, same craziness!

Collette said...

@Knucklehead-Yes, Theresa let me know where you were. And, I was happy to find that you had transformed into your superhero status...LOL! My daughter was wondering what happened to Senor Poopy-pants. :) She's taking her 2nd year of Spanish in school.

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