Not Looking Ahead

Mendon Ponds in a BlizzardImage by Dalboz17 via Flickr

Not too much going on around here lately. I've just been working, reading a lot, (mostly blogs, of course) & enjoying the few nice days we have had with 60 degree temps, when it's not raining.

Today was gorgeous outside. It was pretty cloudy & gloomy in the morning, but by 3 pm it was mostly sunny & in the low 60's. I really needed that sunshine. I am not looking forward to the dismal gloom of winter.

The leaves are almost completely changed & falling off the trees at a rapid pace. I remember the spring, when the sun was starting to get a touch warmer day by day & the buds were beginning to sprout on the tree limbs. It was a time of promise of new life to come & warmer days to chase away the gnawing cold of winter. (Yes, gnawing-Winter BITES!)

So now with these last teasing days of soothing sunshine, I find myself dreading the long, cold winter. Hanging on to the warming rays that stream through my windows, I close my eyes, taking in the life-giving energy that seems to be for me alone. To remember this, in the depths of the frozen season swiftly on its way, will give me the strength, I hope, to endure another seemingly endless winter season.

With my babushka, as always,


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Anonymous said...

The ONE thing I'm grateful for in Florida is know that the snow doesn't blow down here. I thought I'd miss it but I was dead wrong. If I don't have sunshine, I get so horribly depressed.

ReformingGeek said...

I don't like winter much, either. It does get cold here in Texas but it's not THAT bad. I have to keep busy and get outside, even if it's cold.

Ron said...

We've been getting alot of rain and dreariness here in Philly too. I honestly can't wait for snow because quite often the skies seem to be brighter and sunnier.

Hey, before you know it...SPRING will be here again. My god...I can't believe how fast the seasons change. It almost seems like yesterday when Summer was here.

Stay warm and cozy, my friend!

Collette said...

@Dana-I've been getting like that for the last few years. The older I get, the more I need that warmth.
@Reffie-If I could, I would hibernate all winter like a bear!
@Ron-Yes, sometimes that sun glaring on the snow is blinding! The time does pass by so quickly now, doesn't it? sigh

MomZombie said...

There are always the Metro Detroit Blogger Meet-ups to look forward to.

Collette said...

@MomZombie-You mean go out in the c-c-c-cold???? LOL! I am looking forward to coming one of these days!

Jen said...

Where I live it doesn't stay cold for long, so enjoy the winter weather! I am sure if I lived somewhere that was COLD and dreary for long periods of time I too would HATE IT!!

I am visiting from SITS

Happy Saturday Sharefest!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest!!
Ohh, with this photo I start to freeze ;-)
Here in Germany it is also rather cold and spoils by rain... without scarf and gloves I do not leave the house and ;-)
then I am glad michauf a hot cup of chocolate.

Zombie Mom said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. I am looking forward to digging and reading your lovely prose. My computer is soos jealous that your's has a babushka.

I love winter here in northern california - its one of my most favorite seasonal experiences ever.

Chrissy said...

But don't you feel such a sense of accomplishment when you make it through another winter?

Kathryn said...

Well, I'm totally with YOU. I also find myself closing my eyes and tilting my face towards the sun...willing the warmth to stay just a little bit longer...

Great post!

Ahsan said...

nice content with colorful picture

Sue said...

Winter never ends in the Northeast, it just takes a 4 month break.

*shuffles off to find her boots*

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