Computer Fun (where is that hammer?)

Hello and welcome back! (or just "Welcome" for the first time readers who missed my premiere post)
Well, (uh-oh-what now?) I described this new endeavor as something to share. Something with a nice positive spin. But don'tcha know, I'm going to add a little attitude here already. Not how I wanted to start this new experience. I believe I must take the bad with the good. So please bear with me as I vent a bit today. I know you'll find yourself nodding in agreement at times as well.
Ah computers, meant to make life better and quicker, right? AHEM! Today I'll go with "NOT". Don't get me wrong, I love my computer and have gone crazy without it before, but there are times when a window is in serious danger of becoming a portal for one heavy emachine and all it's external gadgetry. I will explain.
There are moments when said emachine (to be known as the "perpetrator" from hereafter) decides that it would rather not "reach out and touch" the modem. Internet explorer appears ready to go and then it sits, and sits, without getting a connection. Our WIFI, however, works wonderfully and my DH and DD are easily enjoying thier multimedia experiences. And the "perpetrator" still...sits and sits...
I have checked microsoft help and my query has been recorded (numerous times) as a windows problem with no solution-at this time. My very last resort will be to contact tech support. I really don't want to go that way if I don't have to. The wait is too long and then I always get someone from overseas who I can't understand.
So, till then, as I start up the "perpetrator", I will-sit and sit. Eventually my computer will find its way to a connection as if there was never a problem to begin with.

Wearing the babushka a little tight today,


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!!!!! **nodding in total agreement** There's this really cool handy dandy contraption Collette. It's called a hammer. What you do is pick up the hammer, pull it back and with all your might swing with the intended object in front of you. Said hammer will then interact with your frustration and bye bye frustration (at least until it's time to buy a new comupter.. then the frustration will come back). Good luck with your connection!!!

Foa said...

Yo! You have a sledgehammer use it. You have many times.... LMAO
Love ya,
Your Twin

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