A Toast to 2011

Well, here I am, months later & not sure how I'm really doing.  This year has truly thrown me for a loop. 
This was the first Christmas without my Babcia.  Christmas Eve was her holiday.  It was a very small crowd this year, compared to years past.  Great food & warm memories, but there was a hole that can't be refilled.  She will remain in our hearts always.  (pic above is from 2009 while making our Christmas pierogi. Babcia is the little lady in the front with the white hair :)
I have spent more days at funeral homes this year than any other.  More family & friends have left this world. I am still here.  But I remember, I am not alone. 

I wrote the previous paragraphs from my phone before the new year & have finally decided to finish this post.

New Year's eve was spent with hubby & my dad at a local watering hole with a few regulars that I have pretty much known all my life.  It was nice to just relax & enjoy friendly conversation.  We headed home about 1:00 am & I stayed up playing my favorite game "Mahjongg Dimensions" on the computer for a little while.
School started again yesterday, so I am back to hell work in the cafeteria.  My daughter graduated high school in June & I am STILL there...UGH!  As I always say, it's not the kids that bother me, it's some of the people (and certain situations) I work with.  But, since we have not yet hit the lottery, I am hanging in (holding my tongue, most of the time) until the day comes when I can leave with a celebratory air.
My daughter is starting her 2nd semester of college next week & is working at the on campus bookstore.  She got the job this past summer after helping a dear family friend with a cleaning job there.  She is enjoying it even if she rarely has time for hanging out with friends due to homework & getting much needed rest.  I hope she looks back on these years fondly.
Well, I'm going to end here as my daughter & I watch my nephew on Thursdays so my sis & brother-in-law can go bowling.  My nephew, who has cerebral palsy, is now 16 y/o!  Even though he isn't mobile or can't talk, he still makes his presence known vocally & smiles quite a bit as well.  I know in my heart he does recognize & understand us.  He is a precious gift!
So, till next time...(I make no promises of when it will be ;)
Happy New Year to all of you!
I Remain, Waving My Babcia's Babushka,

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Jientje said...

Hi Colette, I hope 2012 brings you nothing but good things and joy, nothing like 2011 has been for you. I'm sorry to hear that. Best of luck to you and your loved ones, I hope to see you around a little bit more than I have last year!

VE said...

Happy New Year to you too

ReformingGeek said...

Happy New year to you! It's good to see you post. I hope 2012 has more visits to parks and less visits to funeral homes.

Collette said...

(((HUGS))) Thanks you guys! I really miss being around the blogosphere & reading everyone's posts. I hope to be around more this year. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your babcia. I lost my grandma six years ago right before Christmas and I still miss her something fierce. She was the strongest, toughest five-foot- tall woman I've ever known. I hope 2012 is a good year for you and your family.

Collette said...

Stopcallingmeshirley07- Thank you! Sorry, I haven't responded sooner. Those little old gals are the toughest & strongest in the world & if I can be even half the woman she was, I will be proud! I checked out your blog & love it! I will be visitng ;)

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