Twas the Weekend Before Christmas...

'CoverCover of Jack Frost

As of 1:00 pm this afternoon, I am done with work until next year! One of the very few perks of working for a school district. Finally, the day is here that I've been looking forward to.since the school year started I don't even care that our boss or our principal didn't spring for any party or gifts. As long as I finished my work & got out of there. That is what's important! It's better to leave than to receive. Or whatever the hell that saying is! LOL.
So, it's the weekend. It looks like it's going ot be a busy one with all the shopping we have to do. We don't have many gifts to buy. I think we have about10 people to buy for, not including ourselves. That shouldn't be too bad since we have an idea of what to get for each one. The usual hat & glove combo for mom & Ciocia (which means "aunt" in Polish). Toy trucks or planes for the boys. One thing I really wanted to get my dad is a peacoat. He used to have one years ago that he loved. He just happened to mention it a couple of onths ago, too. Unfortunately, it doesn't really fit in the budget this year & my one sister can't pitch in because she's been unemployed for some time now. Maybe next year. Babcia hates for us to buy her anything so we just get her a book of stamps. It's practical & she can always use them.
One gift that I am buying myself is an e-cigarette. It's an electronic cigarette that has a battery & a flavor cartridge attached. It tastes kind of like a real cigarette but instead of smoke, it's a water vapor that you blow out. The end even lights up like a real cigarette. The only thing in the catridges is the nicotine & none of the tar or carbon monoxide or chemicals. They have different strengths so that you can lower the amount of nicotine if you want to taper off & quit. And, since it is NOT a cigarette, you can "smoke" it anywhere. My daughter's former babysitter has one & I love it! She has cut down significantly. Also, no more smell of smoke or the coughing & hacking that comes from years of smoking. My non-smoking "friends" (I won't get started on that) can be around me & not worry that I am poisoning them with second-hand smoke. I'll just have to kill them slowly another way It's also a lot cheaper after the inital investment which is about $100( if you don't know somebody).

Right now the sequel to one of my holiday favorite shows is on. It's called "Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman". The original "Jack Frost" (horror flick not Michael Keaton show) is barely ever shown & to even know that there's a sequel is just a thrill! If you didn't know, I love & was brought up on horror flicks. They are fun & entertaining to me. I mostly laugh because they are so unreal & bizarre. I haven't really been afraid of horror flicks in a very long time. The only one that used to scare me was "Salem's Lot" because of the eyes of the head vampire. Freaky glowing or red eyes used to bother me, but now they don't bug me so much. I suppose, after a while, you become immune to the things that used to be so horrible. Well, on screen anyway.

Well, I'm off to watch my holiday classic! Jack has amazing skills using icicles...LOL! Bloody good fun & more my taste for the Christmas season. I will be back next week (I hope) to send you off with lots of holiday cheer & to let you know if I have finished my shopping! Take it easy this week. We still have the new year to conquer!

Babushkas on Snowmen,


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Jayde said...

That sounds like the kind of Christmas show my boyfriend would love!! He's totally in to horror flicks. I am going to have to look into that e-cigarette myself. Have fun shopping!

ReformingGeek said...

It sounds like you have busy, yet fun, weekend ahead of you.

I got Hubby a peacoat several years ago and he loves it! We found it at Burlington Coat Factory here in the D/FW area. They have great prices.

Good luck with the e-cigarette!

Ron said...

OMG...after reading this post, I now know WHY I love you so much!

You smoke (so do I), and you love horror films (so do I).

And isn't smoking while watching a horror film the best? Also, sipping on a glass red wine while smoking and watching a horror film is like NIRVANA!!!

My non-smoking "friends" (I won't get started on that) can be around me & not worry that I am poisoning them with second-hand smoke. I'll just have to kill them slowly another way .


You GO, girl!

I haven't seen any of the Jack Frost films, but since you mentioned them I'll have to check them out. I've seen Salem's Lot and loved it! I enjoy thing that involves vampires.

Hope you had a great day shopping. I just got home from the store and am pretty pooped. It was very busy, considering it's been snowing non-stop since last night. YES...and we finally got some REAL snow...yipeeeee!

Have a wonderful weekend and week, my friend!

I look forward to your next post!

The Smoking Vampire


Zombie Mom said...

You rock. OK- I also love all thing horror.... I hear the e-ciggie rocks. I thought about smoking again- but I like running a kazillion miles- plus after a few decades of asthma that shiz finally went into remission and I am a'skeered to take up the ciggies again. Truth be told- I smoked handrolled BaliShag - love that unfiltered nic hit to the blood stream..... Must stop waxing lyrically about smoking... my running partner swears by the e-ciggie... and finally, how smart are you to work for a school district? I only contract with them- so no rest for this wicked Zombie- happy holiday

Kathryn said...

Wow! I've never heard of that cigarette. I guess I'm out of the loop, since I quit like, 20 years ago.

Luckily, I'm not one of those preachy ex-smokers (nothing worse than a reformed whore!)....HA!

And scary movies just....scare the crap out of me.

So. We have *what* in common?? And yet, I love you anyway.

Collette said...

@Jayde-Some people just think the holidays are better with blood & gore & don't have to kill their relatives to see it (even though sometimes you may want
@Reffie-We have Burlington here, too, but on the websire they only showed 1 for for men & about 9 for women! ARGH!
@Ron-I think the only thing we must agree to disagree on is the snow...LOL! Vampires are my #1 fave horror flicks! Vincent Price's Tingler is also a cool flick. He's just pretty scary on his own. Zombies, also very cool. I think werewolves are last on my list. Just reminds me of rabid dogs. Love the old B-movie horror, too. Most I just laugh at!
@ZombieMom-If you want the girls to be able to love & laugh at horror flix, make sure you introduce it to them with laughter not like my uncle who drew scars & warts on my dolls & scared us when he babysat! Don't start smoking again! It costs more & more all the time! Keep running!(away from the cigs...LOL)
@Kathryn-Love you for quitting & not being an obnoxious reformed smoker. What we have in common is kids (well I have 1 girl), we both live in pretty much the same region (through no fault of my own)& hate snow & the cold. We have awesome blogs & blogging buddies to live, love & laugh with (& cry, nag, & bitch to also!) I love you, too!

You are all so awesome! My wish is for all of us to meet one day. And it has to be sunny & warm!

f8hasit said...

I never saw the horror flick Jack Frost, but actually watched the Keaton one just the other day. However, now I'll have to go check out the others...nuff of the 'feel good' stuff, bring on some killer snowmen.

Hve a great holiday! And good luck with that eCigarette.
How is it everything is "i" this or "e" that. Very interesting. Attack of the marketing vowels.

THAT might be a good horror flick.

Collette said...

@f8hasit-To hell with the sugar plum fairies, I want to see a REAL Nutcracker ballet...LOL! Pretty soon they will be using all the vowels & then we'll have to go with "Y", too. I can see a good horror flick coming out of that!

Jason said...

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Happy Holidays!


Collette said...

@Jason-Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like it. I also stopped by your site. Great content & short & to the point. Very nice. I wouldn't mind adding you to my blog list. If you could email me, I'd just like to know a little more about you & Chris if that's ok. Just location, what you do. Nothing big. I just consider people on my blog roll my friends & always have room for more! Hope to talk to you soon!

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