Good Night, Good Morning!

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I'm back! Oh no. Sit down, sit down. Please. Ok, but a standing ovation? Too much! Ah, delusions of grandeur...
The imagination is a terrible thing to waste. And mine is a terrifying thing to see! I believe if I check back into my posts, I have probably said that once before. Already doing repeats. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Anyway, we got back from Massachusetts almost a week ago. I am finally sitting down to write. I've had ideas about what to write all week, but figured, "I'll have time later" or "I'll remember that". Well, guess what? I didn't have time & didn't remember. So, here I sit typing whatever pops into my head. This should be fairly interesting.
It's pretty late right now & I should be in bed to get up for church in the morning. But what fun would that be? Posting right now is a challenge because I am dozing off as type. And, of course, the computer is acting up. Jamming up & slowing down.
It is now morning. I gave up on the computer last night. It refused to cooperate! It's bad enough when the kids won't listen. But when the computer decides to act up, that's it! Ingrate! As much time as I spend with the computer & it acts like a spoiled brat. I had to fight with it to shut down. I kept my cool & finally got it logged off & to sleep. Then, it was my turn to sleep. For a little while anyway.
Now, it's Sunday morning. My dear computer started up, no problem, knock on wood. I had a little more than 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Not too bad for me lately. I just hope I don't fall asleep in church! So, if you do see me nod off during the service, please nudge me lightly before I start snoring! Have a great day everyone! Remember, if you hear a loud growling noise or your windows start to shake, don't worry, it's just me snoring!

Hoping my Babushka muffles the snoring,

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Chrissy said...

4 1/2 hours of sleep only? I would be a zombie. 6 is my absolute minimum.

Chrissy said...

BTW, Love the layout and color!

Collette said...

Zombie? Hmmm...they are cool!
Thanks about the color & layout. I love teal. Purple is awesome, too, but something about the blue-green like the ocean (although I've never been there)

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