Calgon Take Me Away...NOW!

Drum roll please...bum bum bum ba da bum. (--->running across the stage with the applause sign) somersault (UGH!) TA-DA!!!
WOW! The things I do for you people...hee hee hee:)
I am now worried that I will have to start each post with a spectacular entrance. So, if I don't, please, do not be disappointed. I may have actually been forced to swallow taken my medication that day.
(Damn, now what was that excuse I was going to use for taking so long?) Once again, I have taken my sweet old time to post. Well, you see, I was taken hostage to another planet by evil aliens. No? Um, I was on an a secret expedition in the frozen tundra of Anarctica to clone polar bears. Hmm...ok, I've been pretty busy & when I wasn't, I was too tired, lazy & frustrated to post. Of course, I know that it is during the times I am frustrated to get online & pour my guts out so I don't strangle someone or pull my own hair out. And even though it is late & I should get to sleep, I will let you all know a bit of what has been going on so you don't worry about me. Because I know you will for the simple fact that you are all a bunch of saps the best listeners & bloggy buds a girl could have! So here goes...

My babcia hasn't been feeling well & we have taken her to the emergency room 2 times, to doc appointments 3 times for this problem, & have picked up various medications & supplies in just over the past 3 weeks. She was having bad stomach pain. Now it's not so much pain, but nausea almost constantly, especially if she eats & then, she's only eating crackers, toast, etc. The ER, 1st time, thought constipation & handled it as such. A week later in ER, they said gastritis as nothing was found in x-ray or cat scan. The docs said today that the morphine she takes for her arthritis is causing the nausea. But, she needs it for the pain. These docs are foreign & want her (& all people) to be off any kinds of meds except for tylenol & ibuprofen. Maybe they get kick-backs from pushing OTC meds, I don't know. All I know is that babcia had osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia & is 93 years old. She can only do much with her aging body & they want her to exercise! I say, even if she is "hooked" on the morphine, it is giving her a better quality of life than she would have without it & being 93 years old is nothing to sneeze at. She does have an appointment for the stomach specialist, but not until April 29th. I told her to call everyday & check if they have any cancellations. Maybe they can do some tests to give us a specific diagnosis. She has had stomach problems since she was a little girl, but this is lasting way too long & I am going out of my mind! I have pretty much been the only one taking her places & running everywhere for her.

I need a vacation from life for a while! Just me, my computer, cigs (I was cutting down for awhile, but...excuses, excuses), lots of diet cola with lime, & I will probably need to eat every once in awhile (even if it doesn't look like I need to). It has to be somewhere warm, sunny, & away from civilization. I don't know for how long yet, but it will probably be for a while. I can hear the ocean now!

There's more to the stress but I shall leave that for the next post. (which will be up much sooner than the 3 weeks it took me this time!)

As stressed as I have been, I am trying not to let it get to me like the time of the "curse"! Things always work out. I have to trust that there is a reason for everything we go through. So, with that, I will say good night. Sleep tight & don't let the perverts bite:)

Using my babushka as a hobo bag,

Collette (((HUGS)))


Jientje said...

I am all for some healthy excercise but really, a 93 year old lady with fibromyalgia and arthritis!! Why don't they just give her the pain relief she needs?
I hope telling us about your sorrow has taken some of the stress away for you? I wish I could make things better for you. I would. Big hug xxx

ReformingGeek said...

I hope your mom gets some relief soon and that a warm beach is in your near future.

Thanks for letting us know what's going on with you. Yes, we are good listeners!


Me-Me King said...

Here's wishing you and your mom the very best today!

Unknown said...

@Jientje-She is getting the meds but the docs want to take her off of them & send her to detox! I think they need their heads examined. And yes, it does help to get it all out here. Than you.
@Reffie-Oops, sorry, I didn't explain that "babcia" is grandma. A warm beach wil do me some good!
@Me-Me-Thank you so very much! I want you to know that I really appreciate all of you!

Unknown said...

You know, my wife calls me a pervert all. the. time. And I don't even bite. Well .. maybe I nibble a little.

Be well, sweetheart.

Enchanted Oak said...

Holy cow, Collette. Who cares if morphine is a habit now? Rehab???? Hang in there, dear. I feel for you.

Unknown said...

@LceeL-Oh my! I guess a little nibble never hurt anyone:)
@Enchanted-Pretty funny, eh? Doctors should be Thank you!

v said...

wow you do have a lot going on, so i totally understand not being able to post.

i do hope your mom can find some relief with her meds.

you do take care and eat lots of chocolate. is chocolate okay?

Unknown said...

@v-Oh yes! Chocolate is perfect!

f8hasit said...

When my mom fell ill, they just kept adding medication and medication and medication until finally they had to admit her to a rehab clinic to assess how to get her off the meds and what meds were detrimental to her. It was horrible. And my mom hardly took baby aspirin if she had a headache so all the meds were just messing her up!

I tried to tell them. And finally we prevailed over the system.

I hope your mom gets better soon. Sorry for your stress. When you find that island to escape to....can you send me a map? I need to visit there a few times as well.


Ron said...

First, I want to send you a HUGE hug.

(((((((( Collette )))))))))

Second, don't you freakin' LOVE the medical profession???


My mother is currently going through some health issues herself and it's the runaround that's stressing her out more than the health issues.

Hope you mother gets better soon, dear lady.

Sending LOTS of "good energy" her way.

{{{{{{ Babica }}}}}}}

LOVE the Calgon photo!


The Queen said...

93 years old huh.. ok.. The old Queenie has the exercise program for her..

lift gin bottle, pour into glass.
lift ice bucket.. put in glass
lift tonic bottle.. add SMALL amount to gin and ice..
lift glass to lips.
repeat until glass is empty..
return to top of list..and repeat..

kathryn said...

Oh, yay! I can finally comment! (Does little jig of joy)

I'm sorry your mom hasn't been feeling well. Yikes, give her a break, already! You should be able to reach a "certain age" and do whatever the hell you WANT! She should be able to enjoy the best quality of life she can, don't you think??

I hope she feels better soon. You're a great daughter, sweetie...and you're funny, too!

Ed said...

But...did you do something interesting with the Calgon? (Waiting to know...}

Unknown said...

@f8-It is amazing what they get away with. Of course you will get a map! I couldn't live without my blog buds:)
@Ron-Stress is sometimes worse than the original problem. I can feel the positive energy already.
@Queen-This looks like the perfect remedy!
@Kathryn-I am so glad you made it! You must be rubbing off on me:)
@VE-I'll never tell! hee hee hee

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