WOW! (And I Have No Freaking Idea)

So the title totally expresses my feelings right now. 

It's been over a year & I get an inkling to write a blog post.  What do I see when I get here?  Anyone?  Well I'll tell you.  The last post I wrote over a year ago was NOT posted!  It says draft next to it.  Lovely!  So I sent it & decided to really post.  Unless, of course, I forget to publish this one too.  I suppose I'll have to check something more than spelling from now on.

So, on with the post...

Not really too much difference from a year ago.  I had a spinal fusion a year ago in November.  It really didn't help anything but now I have a beautiful scar.  I could get a tramp stamp over it & have a textured tattoo. Sounds awesome,huh?  LOL. I've wanted a dragonfly for a long time & no idea where I wanted it. Could be a plan...  So feel free to let me know what you think.  Feedback is welcomed.  Now I just wonder if I should add a pic of the scar so you have an idea of what the body texture of the dragonfly will look like.  I think that'll be up to you also.  If I get an overwhelming response of "Yes, I love seeing gross things like scars", then a pic shall be posted in the next blog.  (And it won't be a year from now either).  If not, & your response is  "Ew, I think I'm gonna puke!", then I can respect that.  I'll leave it for the medical journals.  

To continue back & leg problems are worse but it's degenerative so I can do specific exercises to keep the motion but it will never be gone.  I am going to start getting injections again in my back to see if I can get a little relief.  I've had it done before but it never helped much, so we will see.  Radiology is supposed  to do the injection this time instead of the pain clinic and the back surgeon seems to think this will make a difference.  O-Kay!  We'll see.

Otherwise, I've been taking my dad to doctor appointments & to do other errands.  I'm trying to get  more reading done, like I used to do & with winter knocking at our door, it looks like I'll be doing that sooner than later.  (sigh)  Spring & Summer were pretty much nonexistent here because of the severity of last winter.  Also, after just having back surgery, walking in snow & on ice was NOT a wise idea.  This year is supposed to be cold but we're not supposed to have the record snowfall of 94 inches but rather the norm of 44 inches.  I can only hope.

Happy Veterans Day to all our Vets out there and...THANK YOU!!!!!